Chocolate Chip Muffins (Egg-less)

Chocolate Chip Muffins_5

When we first started to cook, baking was what we marked the beginning of our journey with. The first thing we ever baked was Chocolate chip muffins. Being a die-hard chocolate lover, we had to start with making something which was absolutely irresistible for us and so this struck as an obvious choice.

 We have baked these muffins on many occasions for all our loved ones and family members and have lot of fond memories that make it special for us. But there is one incident which tops the list and we can still laugh for hours thinking about that one.

It was my first valentine during the courtship period. I was struggling to think of a perfect gift for my fiancé. Apart from this, I was thinking of ideas to do something that would make it all the more special for him. I called up my best buddy Sakshi and after discussing a lot of possibilities, we settled for making a muffins basket. We loved the idea of doing so, as an extra effort like this would add a special touch. All this seemed really exciting at first but the more I thought about it, the more nervous I got about how it would turn out to be. What would happen if they didn’t taste good or got burnt or hardened? What would he think…? What would I do then…? Thanks to the continuous playback of such thoughts in my head, I almost had a sleepless night. I started my preparations early in the morning. I wanted to have ample time for it so that I could do it in the best possible manner. There was a lot of work to be done. But On such occasions when you want to put in your maximum effort and make sure that everything is perfect… destiny loves to play little games with you to make that day all the more memorable. I am sure you all must have had similar experiences.

Thinking about how lovely the evening was going to be brought a smile to my face as I put the muffins in the oven and switched it on. A little sparking happened and the oven did not switch on. The colour drained off my face and panic- streaked; I started calling out loudly to my mom dad and brother. Dad tried to put me at ease saying that he will call the electrician and get it corrected in couple of hours. I started crying out loudly saying that I had put in a lot of effort and what was I going to do when I meet him in the evening. All the planning that I had done had gone for a toss. I was trying to think of something else that I could do to fix it when my brother who had been comfortably lying on the sofa and enjoying the scene, started to tease me saying “Darling are your muffins ready? Now that you have never made them for me, so you have to face the repercussions.” Under normal circumstances, I would have replied. But at that time, I gave him an angry look and then turned my gaze away from him. What happened next took me by surprise. My brother walked into the kitchen and started checking the oven trying to figure out what was wrong with it. Guys I am not exaggerating but the fact that he went into the kitchen was a big deal!! I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw him holding a screw driver and trying to fix it. I kept quiet as it was not in my interest to argue with him that time. As I stood beside him looking after if he needed anything, my phone rang. You won’t believe who it was. My best buddy Sakshi crying over phone that due to some electricity issues at home she had already spoiled the batter that she made for the first lot of muffins. Before I could say anything she went on and said that she didn’t know what to do and was coming over to my place.

Before I could say anything, she kept down the phone saying that she will be there in an hour. I told my brother about the conversation with Sakshi. He burst out laughing and I too started laughing with him thinking about how crazy the day was. At that very moment, my brother switched on the oven and to see it working brought a smile on my face. I still owe that to him. I realized one thing that day, though we generally celebrate valentine’s day with our husbands or boyfriends, it is actually meant for all the people who love you ,care for you and who go out of the way to make you happy, just the way my brother did that day. As soon as I started baking, Sakshi reached home with all her stuff. She was in a total mess. I calmed her down and both of us started baking and creating our valentines baskets. After we were done we heaved a sigh of relief and I started telling Sakshi my side of story. We laughed at how crazy and hyper we could get at times. She left after sometime. I also got busy getting ready for my V date. My fiancé came over to pick me up and I handed the basket to him. He was touched looking at the basket.I still have the pictures of our creation.

Muffin Basket

I still believe that destiny finds its own way of making things perfect for you. On that valentine’s I shared a bond with my brother whom I simply adore, with my best buddy Sakshi, we shared one of the best moments of our lives baking those muffins together and last but not the least, a bond of love with my fiancé who was very touched and happy with that bit of extra effort put in by me 🙂 (They rightly say the best way to get to a man’s heart is through his stomach)

This incident happened a year back and I guess that it happened for another reason. When we both sat down to decide what should be the first thing on our menu to be shared with you all, we knew it had to be these legendary Chocolate chip muffins.


Chocolate Chip Muffins

Chocolate Chip Muffins
Method Method

Chocolate Chip Muffins

Chocolate Chip Muffins


Parul & Sakshi


One thought on “Chocolate Chip Muffins (Egg-less)

  1. Good going sakshi n parul….with this kind of a passion for food, sorry yummy food,you both sure have a career there.all the best guys.keepgoing while ill go n try some of your alluring recipes.


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