Oreo Shake

Oreo Shake

“A friend will share his pack of Oreo cookies, but a best friend will share his last Oreo too.” Read it somewhere and I loved this line. I believe it suits Parul and me the best 🙂 We share almost everything…From jars of gossips to buckets of emotions, from sea of friendship to pinch of anger 🙂 from a Baskets of muffins to pack of Oreo’s for welcoming you all to our journey of miss foodies 🙂

So if it’s about welcoming, a perfect welcome drink like Oreo shake is a must on the menu. Friends, Oreo cookies have somehow built a cult status among cookie lovers, and we are one of them. I’m sure most of you out there would also be falling in this list.

So cheers to miss foodies!!! And let us together make this journey memorable. As I am busy writing this, my best buddy Parul is
actually licking on to tiniest bit from the glass. It takes me by no surprise. I know our Oreo shake is mouth-watering and refreshing.

Oreo Shake_2

So ready to twist, lick, dunk…! With the legendary Oreo shake we have for you on our menu. Super quick to make, quick to serve but you might need little time to lick on to the tiniest bit from the glass. 😉

Oreo Shake

Oreo Shake

So we leave you guys with our legendary combo….. They are a must try. Happy Baking n Shaking. 🙂


Sakshi & Parul


One thought on “Oreo Shake

  1. Wow Parul..way to go dahlin..I’m totaly impressed wid ur cooking skills ..n to my surprise,after reading these recipes I feel so tempted to actually enter the kitchen and try them out hehe..all the very best wid your new venture sweets :*

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