Stuffed Potato Balls

Stuffed potato Balls

I loved these since I was a kid!!! I still remember when mom use to make these to silent our evening hunger. I made Sakshi try them and undoubtedly they are her favourite. I should say that because she loves potatoes so much, we had our reasons to experiment with these in our kitchen with different fillings and styles. I guess potatoes are a favourite with most people and are usually present in everyone’s kitchen.  And sooner or later when the hungry palette wants a quick relief, we experiment with it.

The Best thing about stuffed potato balls is that each time you make them, you can fill it in with whatever you wish to, so that it tastes different every time.

But in our kitchen we love to fill it with coconut and carrot as the main ingredients. Not only it makes the filling colourful but also because of it’s nutritional benefits. Where coconut is good for hair and skin, carrot is good for eyes & along with cashews and raisins, which makes them rich in taste.

So we have added tinge of our creativity to the Mom’s recipe  to tickle our taste buds.

These stuffed potato balls are easy to make, quick to serve for that extra and spontaneous hunger.



Stuffed potato Balls Stuffed potato Balls

A delicious snack tried and tested for ages and is sure to be enjoyed by all 🙂

Happy Cooking!!!


Parul n Sakshi


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