Mango Crusher & Mango Pudding

Happy Mothers Day!!

Mango Crusher & Mango Pudding

Are you all ready for this scorching hot weather that depletes your energy supplies?? Foodies… don’t just wait for it to get over, rather make use of your blender before it starts rusting 🙂

As we all know the months of May- June are the hottest. But one thing that these hot summers gets for foodies like us are Mangoes……uuummm…..Mangoooeeess…..

Since Sakshi is busy eating one right now, let me continue…. Mangoes are a favourite of many people. Till date I have not found anyone who does not like mangoes. More than anything doesn’t this delicious fruit connects us with our moms 🙂 Remember childhood days when knowing how much we love mangoes Moms used to  make us sit and let us free to enjoy our favourite fruit. No matter how much mess we created she used to watch us with a sweet smile on her face and love in our heart. And used to take all pains later for cleaning up 🙂

Coming back to Mangoes. Mangoes are a superb and healthy treat just by themselves. But, did you know that this delicious and versatile fruit very well complements many different types of dishes?? From beverages to entrees to desserts, the taste of mango is bound to satisfy even the most hard to please palate.

The fragrant sweetness, the rich flavour and the succulent texture of this magical fruit is highly seductive.

We have got for you two very easy to make and satiating Mango Drink & Dessert.  Enjoy making and serving your mom’s in minutes 🙂 These heavenly homemade Mango Drink & Dessert are very quick to make specially for a day like today wherein you would like to spend most of your time chilling with your mom 🙂

Mango  Crusher

This is the best way to combine the sweetness of mangoes with bit of orange juice, tangy flavour of ice tea and lemon that goes extremely well with summers. This Mango crusher is refreshing and enormously satiating. This makes a very satisfying thirst killer at any time of the day.

Mango Crusher

Mango Pudding

This heavenly dessert offers a combination of fresh mango and soft pudding indulgence. Its creamy and smooth texture compliments well the rich and fragrant mango flavour. You also get to savour plenty of tiny mango cubes when you dig into this pudding. Oh gosh!! It’s so satisfying and refreshing.

Mango Pudding



Mango 4

So pull out your blenders and start making these:

Happy Mother’s Day to all the lovely moms out there!!!


Parul & Sakshi


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