Apple Mango Burgs

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Now that Sakshi and I are so involved and working hard to get you the best of recipes from our kitchen, our families too are taking interest in it. We are often referred to as miss foodies now by our families and we love it. 🙂 We keep getting a lot of appreciation for the recipes that we share. But foodies I was taken by a sweet surprise when my mother in law shared her experience of cooking her favourite dishes and the collection of recipe books that she used to have. She then shared the recipe of a burger which was quite different from what we usually have had. Even though she had lost the book in which she had the recipe for it most of the ingredients were still fresh in her mind. I was little shocked when she told me that the patty of the burger constituted mainly of apple , rice and bell peppers and it was served with no ordinary dip but mango lime salsa.

I shared the same with Sakshi and she was also intrigued. We both could not imagine how the apples could be combined with rice to make the main patty of the burger and how the mangoes could coexist well with ingredients like onions, chillies and lemon. It seemed very weird and so we decided to try it ourselves. We were all prepared to make a horrible face but oh boy!! Aren’t we glad?? You bet we were. Apple rice patty to top with mango lime salsa could definitely coexist in harmony and be really charming too. We loved it so much that it seemed we have finally found a burger worth creating in our kitchen and so were eager to share it with you all. It’s a must on our menu and we bet will remain on yours too 🙂

So foodies if you are tired of the usual burger or if you are any sort of a burger fan, this is the one for you. Without a doubt the highlight of this burger for us was the blend of apple patty with mango lime salsa.

We all have heard the old saying that “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” and there is likely some truth to that. Apples provide key vitamins and minerals and they keep you healthy. This fruit is low in calories, contains no fat and available year round, making apples simple addition to your diet that also offers a wealth of benefits. Apple keeps the health intact while the brown rice (which your family won’t even know is there unless you tell them) helps to fill you up and add some healthy grains to the plate.

Mango Lime Salsa

Talking of Mango Lime Salsa, it will show you how versatile a salsa can be. We have found very few jarred salsa that we would ever even consider serving on our table and there really should be no reason for anyone to resort to a jarred salsa when making one is so easy. Mango salsa goes wonderfully with this apple patty burger as well as a unique dip. The sweetness of the mango is not overpowering and the onions and chillies bring out a bright new taste that we hope will be a nice surprise for you all. Serve this sweet and tangy mango salsa with the burger 🙂 you will love it!

This apple burger along with mango lime salsa is so easy to make and you will be proud to have created such a vegetarian delight. It’s a must try for all the mothers as this burger is packed with goodness, though your kids would never know.


Mango1 Mango4 METHOD METHOD2

Mango Apple Burger

So foodies satisfy your appetite for a great tasting veggie burger that’s easy to make and more healthfully prepared when you use.

Happy Sunday!!!


Parul n Sakshi



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