Vegetable Fritters

Fritter Platter

These rains have brought back a very fond memory and this is exactly why we have what we have for you on our menu today.

Thai BreadA Few years back I was in Kerala on a family trip. When I say Family trip, I mean it was around 15 of us. And foodies let me beware you by telling you that I just recently started to be referred as Miss Foodie but the word is just apt for my entire family. 🙂 I hope you all know what I am talking about else you will find out soon with my funny and sweet experience. The holiday had to be just perfect when the choice of destination was Kerala. Wedged between the Western Ghats on the East and the Arabian Sea on the West, the narrow strip of land known as Kerala is a destination of a lifetime.The timeless beauty of the palm fringed beaches of Kovalam and Varkala, the majesty of the undulating hills of Munnar and Vagamon, the serenity of the pristine backwaters of Kumarakom & Kuttanad and the enchanting woods and forests of Thekkady and Silent Valley will have you bowled over. That such a small terrain can hold diverse geographical features and cultures is a wonder in itself. Discovering and appreciating the beauty of kerala for three days, we planned to cover Kanyakumari temple which is indeed very famous. Kanyakumari Temple or the Kanyakumari Temple is a chief attraction of Kanyakumari and is dedicated to the Goddess Kanyakumari, an incarnation of Goddess Parvathi.

Doesn’t one gets tempted to visit it just by reading about it…so were we 🙂 It was a beautiful three hour  drive from where we stayed in Kerala to a ferry spot which finally takes people to the temple. The drive was full of fun and gossip. The weather was a bit chilly and it was drizzling, which sort of made it just perfect. We hardly halted on our way as wanted to reach  in  time so that we could spend a quality time in the temple 🙂 When we reached at the ferry spot, they told us that we would have to wait for an half an hour as there were a lot of people in queue before us. As we waited and walked around a bit to explore the place, we all saw a local Pakode-Wala (fritter maker). Since we were all dieing of hunger, we walked up to him in to treat ourselves with lovely hot pakodas. The weather too called for it 😉 We ordered and waited. He needed no one other than the  fifteen of us to entertain with his pakodas. We kept ordering and he kept making and serving us. He was doing it alone with each one of us jumping over one another to grab a bite every time it was served. I sure did seem like we hadn’t eaten for ages. We ate and ate till our stomachs were so full that it seemed it was begging us to stop eating 🙂  Now you must be understanding why I said that my family  including me are foodies 🙂 However, The irony being that after being stuffed with pakodas when we somehow managed to drag ourselves to the ferry spot,the ferry guy told us that the temple would have been closed by then …… There was silence for a minute and then we all burst out laughing 🙂

Cottage Cheese

We all went back to the hotel and planned to go again the next morning as didn’t want to miss out on that beautiful temple. And this time, we stuffed ourselves with pakodas on way back. 🙂

When I shared this with Parul, she burst out laughing and suggested that let us once again switch from what we had planned to share, and instead serve some exotic fritters on our menu 🙂 Let all our foodie friends enjoy the monsoons with these over a nice cup of tea 🙂

Monsoon is a season to enjoy rain and it’s different after occurring effects. It is one of the favourite seasons of most of the people. People love the shower of rain after the perpetual summer heat…but nothing feels better than sitting by the window on a cold rainy day, munching on piping hot pakodas and sipping on chai. In fact pakodas tastes best during monsoon season. Pakodas best part is that they are easily prepared and tastes amazing with any chutney or sauce.

Foodies there are many days, too many in fact specially the rainy ones when we have unbearable cravings for food that is not so healthy, and crunchy.  Pakodas( Fritters) top this list. The weak-hearted amongst us, inevitably, give in to these sinful indulgences; feeling guilty post that is a compulsory affair. But we have tried to make different types of innovative pakoras, with different fillings, batter, seasoning and dips. This is what we have tried to do in our kitchen and got you exotic pakodas and sauces to enjoy this monsoon.

We have got for you three varieties of pakodas on our menu today.

Baby corn

Baby Corn Fritters – This  is a crispy and delicious snack that can be best enjoyed with tea or coffee.These crispy fritters are flavoured with cheese and Italian herbs and served with light thousand island sauce.

Thai Bread fritters – These Thai Style Potato and Corn Fritters are freakin’ fantastic! We serve these with a simple pineapple and paprika sauce.

Cottage cheese fritters with pasta seasoning- This is tea time/party snack which is made using paneer which is known as Indian Cottage cheese. Serve the fritters with a spoonful of mint sauce.

Learn how to make/prepare these exotic variety of Fritters by following these easy recipes.

1. Baby corn fritters ingredients

Ingredients 2. Baby corn fritters Method

Thousand island sauce 3. Light Thousand Island

Sauce 2

5.Thai bread fritters Ingredients

6.Thai bread fritters Method

Pineapple sauce ingredients 7. Pineapple sauce

Sauce 1

4. Cottage cheese fritters

Fritter Platter (2)

Friends, It’s every foodie’s delight and childhood memory also, perhaps to have savoured hot steaming and spicy pakodas in every household / food cart and we didn’t want to miss out on that joy 🙂 which is exactly why we actioned out making these delicious fritters 🙂

So they are a must try 🙂

Have a happy weekend 🙂

Cheers !!!

Parul n Sakshi


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