Aglio e Olio


Spaghetti aglio e olio (“spaghetti with garlic and oil” )is one of my favourite Italian pasta dishes. Sakshi started giggling when she saw me mentioning this to you guys. She is kind of surprised seeing me write this statement. If you are wondering why, let me answer it for you. Sometime back, we both were out for lunch in one of our favourite Italian restaurants. I remember it was my courtship time and I was following a strict diet. But being a foodie how much could I really resist,especially when Italian is one of my favourite cuisines. When Sakshi asked me what did I want to order, I started with my list mentioning my favourite red sauce cheesy pasta. I was feeling so good being off diet for a meal 🙂 Sakshi jumped out of her seat,snatched the menu from my hand and said.. “No ..forget cheese till your wedding. You are not getting to eat it.I will order for you as well. Why did I ask you only…I will order on my own.” I was staring at her wondering what she was upto. She said that she was going to order salad ,bruschetta and Aglio Olio. I disagreed and asked her if this was the same pasta which has no cheese and no sauce in it. Sakshi replied affirmatively telling me that that was exactly what we will be having for lunch. Our debate over this went on for over 15 minutes and finally I gave up to this super healthy freak. I m the sweeter of the two you see 🙂 I hope you all will agree 😉  After sometime our food was on the table.I gave an angry look to Sakshi for not letting me have my cheesy pasta  and she smiled sweetly  in return while serving Aglio Olio on my plate. I melted. Man! I am indeeed  the better one 😉 We chatted and gossiped over the meal 🙂 I took a couple of servings of the Aglio olio too. Infact it was funny that I liked it so much that when I lifted the bowl to serve more in my plate,the bowl was all empty . I still managed to scrape off the itsy bitsy bits that stuck to the bowl 🙂 Sakshi looked at me and smiled. She was so happy to have manged to keep me away from cheese , yet made me have a pasta I enjoyed. Foodies I was surprised too because honestly, pasta without cheese and sauce made no sense to me till that day when I actually had it. While I do enjoy indulging in a tomato-based or cream-based pasta now and then, the law of diminishing returns often sets in whenever I eat creamy pastas, sometimes,I find my enjoyment diminishing halfway through. But with the light-and-fresh-tasting Aglio e Olio, I found that I could easily finish my plate and still left hungry for just a bit more 🙂

So a week back when I happened to go to an Italian restaurant with family,this incidence came to  my mind and I called up Sakshi to suggest that this could be shared with our foodie friends 🙂

So when we were  all set  making this in our kitchen , in the process, my sweet little sis in law came drawn into the kitchen  by the smell of fresh minced garlic in olive oil. Overcome with excitement ,she asked me what I was cooking. when I told her about aglio olio she shared one of her sweet memory of how she and her cousin used to prepare it  to quiet their midnight hunger 🙂 Foodies  this dish is all enough by itself for a perfect meal and yes …for a midnight meal too 🙂 I was really happy over her sharing this incident with me. So you see how things get connected and make us put all of it into beautiful lines to share it with you all 🙂 or let me put it as”Food Connects” 🙂


Aglio  e olio  is a traditional Italian pasta dish, said to originate traditionally from the region of Abruzzo, although it is popular across the country. Usually served with spaghetti, the sauce is made by lightly sauteeing minced or pressed garlic in olive oil, sometimes with the addition of dried red chilli flakes . Finely chopped parsley can also be added as a garnish.

Aglio e Olio means “Garlic and Oil” in Italian, and one of the simplest pasta dishes to make. This is one dish which we don’t mind drenched in (good-quality olive) oil. Authentic Aglio e Olio only have a few key ingredients – just garlic, red chilli flakes, olive oil and pasta, so this is something you can whip up with minimum ingredients 🙂

So Foodies today we are posting Aglio Olio with our favorite veggie-broccoli 🙂  This aglio olio  may not blow your mind away , but  as an everyday lunch dish it is delicious enough for you to want to have it every single day of the week like us 🙂

And this dish is one of the kinds you prefer to cook it yourself as you can control the amount of oil you put in there. Also the garlic can be adjusted according to your taste and  increase the dried red chilli flakes for more heat!

Aglio Olio is a treat for those who are not a fan of pasta with loads of cream or sauce. Also for those pasta lovers who do like indulging in tomato based or cream based pasta but not all the time 🙂 and those who are wheat free because of allergies have no reason not to like it 🙂 Most importantly it’s a treat for all the foodies like us 🙂

Foodies this pasta dish is very easy to make. Just sauté the garlic in olive oil, making sure not to totally brown the garlic. Then add salt and some chili flakes. Technically, everything’s cooked already so you just have to wait for a few minutes to heat everything. Then add it to the cooked spaghetti. The al dente pasta has a good balance of garlic and olive oil. The amount of broccoli is generous 🙂  It’s done! Easy and delicious! Yey!

We like the simplicity of this recipe as it is, but you can use it as a base for a more elaborate version by adding sliced, marinated artichokes, chopped olives, sun-dried tomatoes,  toasted breadcrumbs, lemon zest, mushrooms or any veggies of your choice, fresh parsley or shredded basil leaves along with grated parmesan cheese, although according to some traditional recipes, cheese should not be added.

Despite its plain presentation, Aglio e Olio is a treat 🙂 Remember “No two spaghetti aglio e olio recipes are alike, but our recipe is pretty true to the classic method. The key is slowly toasting the garlic slices to a perfect golden-brown in the olive oil. If it’s too light, you don’t get the full flavour and if it’s too dark it gets bitter. Our advice- Do it perfectly.”

Here’s our Aglio Olio recipe :


Ingredients Aglio olio


DSC04107Method Aglio olio 1

Method Aglio olio 2


This is hands down, our favourite way to quickly prepare pasta at home since that day. In fact in winters or otherwise when its cold, we always go for this because it’s a massive injection of healthy garlic. The crushed red pepper is also helpful if you have a stuffy nose 🙂 You can try the same 🙂

Addio!!! 🙂

Sakshi n Parul


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