Vegetable Rice Paper Rolls

So foodies after pretty sweet recipes shared with pretty sweet foodie friends shared by pretty sweet Miss Foodies it was time we thought to treat you all not to miss ourselves too 🙂 with something more healthier, greener, low calorie food. We could just go on but why don’t you have a look yourself…. Will help me save on description 😉


Now doesn’t that look greener and healthier? Gosh! You will have to stick on to that word throughout the post 🙂 sorry for that friends but maybe we are just too excited sharing this amazing Summer rolls 🙂 And when we thought of summer roles we digged in to discover a new one and Vietnamese influenced summer rolls was our unanimous choice 🙂

Are you a fan of rice paper rolls? No.. Then try these super tasty, super healthy, packed with heaps of flavors and a crunchy punch. Hope that sound good to you 🙂 and gets you all geared up to have a look and then cook our Vietnamese rice paper rolls.

Foodies I have to admit that I was never a kind of person to go after green at least as far as food is concerned. But my foodie friend  and super healthy freak…. Guess who…. I guess you all know it by now if you have been following our previous posts..specially the healthy ones 🙂 so I guess you all guessed it right. None other than Sakshi  who got me hooked on to it 🙂 First time I ever tried these rolls were with her. As I stared at her and made a not so pleasant face as these were served on my plate. I still remember it was served open along with some Vietnamese dip on the side 🙂 Sakshi rolled it up for me nicely and neatly, She would have done anything to make me have that…My super healthy freak 😉 Foodies but have to admit she succeeded one more time 🙂 or may be its too easy to convince me 🙂 either ways but the fact is I am still in love with these. The dip too adds that punch….hmmm… difficult to describe in words… But the crunch, healthy filling, light rice paper used to roll up…. All of it together may be sounding boring at first but tasted amazingly well in the end 🙂 So well that here we are totally desperate to share it on our menu today.

It’s a cool, easy, and an efficient process that yields a delectable prize. Did you know that Spring/Summer Rolls are not fried? Because they are not fried, they are very low in fat and calories! Not only are these Rolls tasty, but they are also healthy. These are good as a starter or a main course.

Secret of great Spring/Summer rolls is to use the freshest ingredients available, to moisten the rice-paper wrappers until they are pliable but not too wet, and to roll the bundles tightly. The beauty of these rolls is that you can fill up just about any ingredients you like. Pre-made wrappers are readily available in markets.

These rolls seem to be on a lot of menus now, and also appears to be one of the latest items in the world of healthy eating (of which Sakshi is the best example) 🙂 Foodies a proper rice paper roll is when you have the noodles in it! We love this because we are quite fond of noodles 🙂 and also the rice noodles used are very light 🙂

final 2

These soft, uncooked rolls make a refreshing change to deep-fried spring rolls. These light and healthy Vietnamese-influenced summer rolls are filled with rice noodles, and plenty of fresh herbs and vegetables for flavour and crunch. Once your ingredients are prepared, the rolling fun begins as sheets of rice paper are softened in water and used for the wrappers. These filled delicate rice paper sheets are among the main staples in the Vietnamese kitchen and are served cold with a traditional Vietnamese dipping sauce. You can prepare these rolls up to 4 hours ahead and chill them in the refrigerator, covered with a clean dampened dish towel to keep them moist, until you’re ready to serve. These rolls can also be steamed or fried.

These rolls are so light and refreshing that they are great as a cool summertime appetizer, and are deliciously dipped in Vietnamese dipping sauce and are so delicious that it’s hard to believe that they’re also really healthy 🙂 sounds vicious right!!!

Foodies don’t get confused as secret of great summer rolls is to use the freshest ingredients available, to moisten the rice-paper wrappers until they are pliable but not too wet, and to roll the bundles tightly. The beauty of spring rolls is that you can add just about any ingredients you like.  what makes it healthy is the combination of rice noodles, carrots, bean sprouts, onions, coriander, mint, basil, cucumber J That feels so light and fresh 🙂 So all in all we have made these with everyday goods you can buy at the local super market, unless you live in the middle of nowhere, we don’t think the local market will sell it all (the rice paper to be specific).. Lol 🙂

Also those who have been wanting to eat gluten free this recipe fits in just perfect. Foodies when you eat totally gluten free, final 5you may find that your regularly occurring migraines disappear, as does the brain fog and fatigue 🙂 So even if you are not a great fan of rice how about giving it a try as rice and rice flour are gluten free. These wraps are so versatile, and once you get the basic steps of softening and rolling the wraps, you can really fill them with anything that you want as mentioned earlier.

Make sure you whip up some dipping sauce too .Talking of the Vietnamese dipping sauce, an amazing combination of sweet-salty-spicy-sour to tickle your taste buds 🙂 and adds that unmistakable south-east Asian flavour. Every good  cook needs to master this dipping sauce. It’s used in many dishes to bring all the elements together. However, it can be easily botched, especially if your taste buds are not well versed in balancing subtle nuances between sour, sweet, salty and spicy. Additionally, flavouring with fish sauce is tough if you’re not used to working with it everyday, not to mention the fact that fish sauce qualities differ from brand to brand and sometimes from lot to lot! But foodies being Vegetarian we do not use fish sauce. But don’t be disappointed as you can use some light soya sauce to replace the fish sauce. Though it doesn’t make up for the full flavour but quite close to it 🙂 Non veggie foodie friends can have it adding fish sauce 🙂

If you’re new to Vietnamese food, chances are that someone else pre-rolled the rice paper rolls for you, like Sakshi rolled it for me 🙂 But now I do them easily and in no time. Have you ever thought of rolling your own?If you have never wrapped with Vietnamese rice paper, don’t be daunted. Wrapping rice paper rolls is like making a burrito and you don’t have to be perfect. Buy some good rice paper (see rice paper buying tips for guidance) and then review these helpful hints before diving in:

To make the rice paper pliable and useable, keep water handy. The water temperature actually depends on the type of rice paper. In general, thinner rice paper requires cooler water. If the rice paper you are using is quite thick, then use warm water as it won’t need as much time. If you are lucky to have some rolls left for the next meal, then make sure you cover them with a damp cloth before keeping in the refrigerator. Otherwise the rice paper becomes inedible.

When dipping the sheets into the water, you only need to rehydrate the sheets, you don’t need to completely soften them, the poor things don’t need to be drowned in the water 🙂 We are sure if you have ever made rice paper rolls with no instructions, you have ended up with goss soggy sheets that you can’t control.

Trust us when we say that you only need to wet the sheet till it just softens 🙂

It takes a minute or two for the sheet to fully soften and become useable. It also becomes a bit “tacky”, which is good, you want it to stick! I remember reading it somewhere that Rice paper roll time is a very social activity in the Vietnamese culture and the time you spend having to wait is a great time for gossiping with your friends and family around the table 🙂

If you have ripped sheets: Sometimes sheets can break when they are in their packaging, if it’s not too horrid, you can wet them individually and just layer each piece.

Come Let’s roll 🙂

final 3



In a heat proof bowl place the noodles and pour boiling water over it. Allow to sit for a few minutes then drain and cool slightly. Tip into a large bowl.

Add carrots, bean sprouts, spring onions, coriander, mint, peanuts, soy sauce, chili and rice vinegar. Toss everything together until well combined.

Pour boiling water in a heatproof bowl. One at a time, dip the rounds of rice paper in until soft. Lay on a board and place some filling down the middle and fold and roll to enclose. Serve with the dipping sauce.

For the dipping sauce, place all the ingredients into a bowl along with a few tablespoons water to lengthen and stir together. Taste and adjust if necessary.


Note:  You can also use sweet chili sauce with these rolls which is readily available in all supermarkets.

For fish lovers, if you are making the dipping sauce at home then replace soy sauce with the fish sauce.

Simple, yet elegant!!! Veggies and herbs wrapped in translucent rice paper 🙂 Well worth the effort – these are fantastic 🙂

Ever since we tried them we like to have a package of rice papers and noodles on hand for quick and easy appetizer ideas. So would you after reading this post of ours 🙂

Happy Rolling 🙂


Sakshi n Parul


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