Chocolate Mousse

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It is sharp 12 here in India. It better be,at least by my watch,else Parul will kill me 🙂 We wish you a big Happy Birthday “AB”.  God bless you with loads of happiness and a long life. Foodies if its getting hard for you to understand whose birthday it is,let me make it a little easy for you by revealing this little secret 🙂  Its AB’s birthday 🙂  formally known as Ankit Batra, and he is Our Blog Editor 🙂 He is smart, modest, loving, kind hearted and is the Whole and sole support system of Miss Foodies. The credit goes to him for making the blog look so beautiful 🙂 When in our initial days we were busy cooking and preparing good recipes for you, he was the one who took care of all the technical things. He has made this blog look so beautiful 🙂 We make sure he reviews every post before we publish it,just to make sure we haven’t made a mistake 🙂 He is Mr. Eagle eyes…no mistake goes uncaught when AB is reviewing. But……. Surprise.. Surprise!!!  Sorry AB, this is the first one we are doing all by ourselves. Hope we make no mistake 🙂 Hopefully, we have learnt well from you 😉 Foodies If we are the face of Miss Foodies ,our shy,quiet AB does all the hard work for us in the background 🙂 Not just this, he is a very good friend to me and  more importantly,Parul’s better half 🙂  She is lucky..I swear it!! 🙂
So now you would know why she would have killed me had I not posted this blog on time 🙂  While Cooking in our kitchen just few days back, we thought of cooking a surprise for him. Actually,a couple of them 🙂  I am sure he must already be enjoying one of surprises Parul planned for him; with his  family and friends. He would receive another one as this post goes live 🙂 But foodies…… Where I mentioned all great things about him, I forgot to tell you guys  that AB doesn’t like surprises. So it would be quite interesting for us to catch the look on his face when he is bombarded with not one but two of them!!  🙂 LoL…..
But truly we are just so happy to publish this post dedicating it to just that one person who works quietly behind the beautiful blog and makes it all easy for us. We have troubled him a lot but I guess it was worth the effort as we have already crossed the much coveted 500 mark in a matter of just  five months 🙂 Once again we say a huge Thank you  to AB for all that he has done for us 🙂 Cheers to you!!!
We wish you A big happy birthday and a great year ahead. Love you AB 🙂
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So foodies since this post was so special ,the menu needed to be perfect too 🙂 So we bring you Eggless Chocolate Mousse 🙂 yummyyyy……. Parul and I are both fond of chocolate mousse. Its one of our favourite desserts. Our  beloved AB loves chocolate mousse too  but avoids it at a lot of places for a simple reason that it has egg in it 😦 So foodies we were all set to prepare a sinful chocolate mousse without egg specially for him 🙂 Something that he can absolutely indulge into without any second thoughts :)Forget egg ,we have made it pure and simple without even adding any gelatin to it……yet managed to make it so delicious 🙂
final 2
The Chocolate mousse is a perfect choice perfect set. It looks delicious and everyone gets their own serving , AB would love it for this reason, he hates to handle messy stuff. He prefers to have his own portion and you can make it a day in advance lets say in no time 🙂
Now that was very important for us. Foodies cooking surprises isn’t easy at all. We had to plan It quite smartly without AB getting any hint. And so it was way too difficult. So we decided to take this recipe to task – could it possibly be done in few minutes without the use of a microwave? Without gelatin? Because anything requiring gelatin needs to be kept aside for minimum two hours, at times overnight indeed for it to set properly. Also something that could be done with minimum ingredients. And foodies that is why we could not deck it up with any raspberries or strawberries. As it is, its not the right season for berries here in India and even if it could be arranged from our special stores, idea of doing with what we have sounded better 🙂 So we had to find out a way of making a real sinful and delicious mousse keeping all these conditions in mind. We were bit scared but….. when we were done away with it in say ten minutes(preparing time) and thirty minutes of refrigerating time… makes that forty, we went Voila 🙂 We were extremely happy with the end result. The perfect set mousse with just the right texture was to die for. Here’s a look at our end result 🙂
final 6

A mousse as we all know is a prepared food that incorporates air bubbles to give it a light and airy texture. It can range from light and fluffy to creamy and thick, depending on preparation techniques. A mousse may be sweet or savoury. Dessert mousses are typically made with whipped egg whites or whipped cream, and generally flavoured with chocolate or puréed fruit.

So foodies when you haven’t got time for overnight setting in the fridge or you don’t want to use raw eggs and gelatine this mousse is perfect. In fact, at all times, constraints or not, it is chocaliciously delicious 🙂

Chocoholics Beware. One spoonful of this Chocolate Mousse and you will be hooked forever. It is what you could call a grown up chocolate pudding. A simple yet elegant dessert. While it uses only a few ingredients, its chocolate flavor is rich and its texture is silky smooth, airy, almost foamy. And foamy is an apt description as “mousse” is French for ‘froth’ or ‘foam’

final 4

Now, there are chocolate mousse recipes that simply involve folding whipped cream into melted chocolate. Good, yes, but to make a sublime chocolate mousse with that lovely “mouth-feel”, you also need heavy whipped  cream. Since there are so few ingredients in a chocolate mousse, the chocolate you pick is very important. Use a good quality semi sweet or bittersweet chocolate that you enjoy eating out of hand. Our  personal preference is a semi sweet chocolate containing around 70% cocoa. When choosing a chocolate, always look for one that has a lovely shiny finish (a sign that the chocolate was cooked at the right temperature for the right amount of time) and one that has that wonderful ‘snap’ when you break it into pieces.

To make a classic chocolate mousse, start by melting chocolate with a little coffee if you like. Next whip heavy cream with a little vanilla extract and sugar until soft peaks form. Foodies just whip the heavy (whipping) cream nicely and gently but quickly fold the whipped cream into the melted chocolate that has been cooled to room temperature to have light and airy (foamy) quality to it.

This chocolate mousse can be used to fill cakes or tarts. But our favourite way to enjoy this dessert is to scoop it into wineglasses, parfait glasses, teacups, custard cups, pretty bowls or glasses 🙂 You can garnish with whipped cream, shaved chocolate, and/or fresh raspberries, strawberries. Always serve it after refrigerating for at least half an hour, the chilled and soft mousse is refreshing and melts in your mouth.

Also, have we mentioned how DEADLY DELICIOUS this is? We could eat about two spoonful’s before we were down for the count 😉 Foodies so let us warn you that this chocolate mousse is Highly Addictive, therefore Have it at your own risk 😉

But we know you may not believe in it till you try yourself and then it is going to be a new staple in your household like ours 🙂 Keep the ingredients on hand! The ultimate in portion control, a little pot of heaven 🙂

Foodies this mousse from our kitchen is as delicious as restaurant quality chocolate mousse. In fact better than that 😉 We bet 🙂 sounds too good to be true? Have a look yourself

chocolate mousse ingredients

chocolate mousse method

final process

This rich and decadent chocolate mousse is easy to make. This recipe is great for get together, potluck or serve it to please your guests. You can make it in advance and so need not worry about dessert part.

So foodies next when you are craving for something chocolaty try this, this will be just perfect 🙂

Now I got to go to join Parul for wishing our sweet AB a big happy birthday 🙂 Party is on!!! 😉 And all of you are more than welcome. The treats on Parul 😉


Sakshi n Parul


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  3. Hi,
    I also live in India, I am wondering which whipping cream you used? Because I find it very hard to whip Amul fresh cream, it doesn’t stiffen up.

    Thank you

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