Broccoli & Basil Soup


Nothing beats the winter chill like a steaming bowl of soup.. But this one’s on our menu today  in remembrance of our very own Cooking Queen Mrs Tarla Dalal.

Foodie friends just few days back on 6th nov heard the demise of the great culinary queen Mrs Tarla Dalal. All childhood memories pondered back and were in front of our eyes. We have seen her cook on television and grown hearing and preparing her recipes. She has been in fact the reason for most of us that we started to cook. Be it watching her cooking shows, experimenting on our own or noting the recipes and then troubling our moms to prepare it for us 🙂 Memories are endless. She was considered as a “Godmother” of cooking.

She has been an icon for all those who ever wanted to try their hand in cooking. Infact we too were very much inspired by her.

Mrs. Tarla Dalal, today is one of the top 5 best-selling cookery authors in the world. She has written a total of 170 titles, several of tarlawhich have been translated in various languages like Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi, Bengali and even Dutch and Russian! Thats quite an achievement. Hats off to her!!!Born in Pune, India, Mrs. Dalal moved to Bombay after her marriage. In 1966, she started cookery classes from her residence. Her classes became a phenomenal success with a long waiting list of students wanting to join them. At one time, it was said, ‘If you want to get your daughter married, send her to Mrs. Dalal’s classes’. That was because students attained guaranteed cookery expertise after attending her classes. Mrs.Dalal has ‘stremlined the eating habits in India’ – to quote The Khallej times, Dubai. She has done cookery shows in large part of India and many major cities of the word such as Tokyo, Jakarta, Hong Kong, Singapore, Brussels, Antwerp, Lisbon, Zurich, Zairobi, London, Toronto, New York, Durban etc. Mrs. Dalal was awarded the Padmashree for her contribution in the field of cooking. She is the first Indian to be awarded in this category on 26th January 2007 by president Abdul Kalam at the Rashtrapati Bhavan. What a great lady she was.

Foodies as we all know Soups represent a quick and easy way to prepare a healthy start to a meal 🙂 Many of them can simmer on the stove while you are busy preparing the rest of the items. If you’re just having soup they can be whipped up in a hurry and ready to eat in a matter of minutes. Best of all they are easy to keep healthy, since they rely heavily on vegetables and other wholesome ingredients. So here we are today with one such healthy soup recipe. This one however is picked up from our sweet Tarla Dalals cookery list 🙂 along with Miss Foodies variations 🙂 We cannot get close to what she has done in terms of cooking and her contribution will always remain applaudable but it’s our effort   to give away few minutes this winters while we sip onto one of hers amazing and healthy recipe 🙂 Hope all you foodies out there will love to do that 🙂

Foodies moreover this is one of those soups that you never have to give up if you watch closely what you eat 🙂 As originally theres no cheese and cream that goes into making of this soup 🙂 In fact not even a drop of oil yet so delicious 🙂 It is super healthy if you are a weight watcher. But for those who don’t mind bit of calories then little bit of cheese and corns can be added 🙂 Parul likes it that way 🙂


So the authentic style or so to say the healthy version will have you all of the flavors, without the guilt 🙂 This is suitable for plenty of diets, including Paleo, Vegan, and low-fat.

Foodies Broccoli is probably our  favorite green vegetable and comes home every week, second only to greens for salad.The versatility of this beautiful, anti-oxidant super healthy vegetable is unsurpassed in our opinion 🙂

Our love affair with broccoli is probably evident by now 🙂 Be it todays post or few older posts where we have blabbed endlessly about our favourite veggie 🙂 So foodies continuing on that note Broccoli is truly the star here today, along with handfull of Basil. And foodies we guarantee you that if you like broccoli, you will love this soup, and if you don’t like broccoli, maybe you just haven’t had it prepared properly 🙂

This quick and nutritious broccoli soup is delicious – and so good for you. This is our favourite soup. I am so sure you know it by now…lol…. But have to share that we don’t know what gets it the love for broccoli or the flavour of basil pairs beautifully with our favourite veggie to give it a perfect finish 🙂 Also Broccoli is vitamin rich (A, B, C & K complex), contains nutrients like potassium, magnesium, iron, and calcium, is high in fibre and even has anti-cancer properties. Combined with basil it produces a fragrant but delicate tasting creamy soup.


So foodies make a healthy choice this winters when it comes to soup 🙂 or once you’ve ladled the soup into bowls, crumble over a little of your favourite blue cheese, if you like 🙂 Paired with a salad and some fresh bread,  makes a delicious meal for me…. Do as you like. Lets have a look at this healthy delicious soup 🙂




So foodies next time you  eye a  piece of broccoli, use it to make a quickie soup along with some basil.

Till then we are enjoying this remembering our very own cookery queen Tarla Maam 🙂 Those childhood memories are endless…………..  Seeing her cook on television and asking moms to make new dishes for us. At times experimenting on our own 🙂 God bless her and may her soul rest in peace. Tarla Maam you will be missed but always remembered for your great work and more than awesome recipes 🙂

RIP Mrs.Tarla Dalal

Parul n Sakshi


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