Good Deed Memory Wall

final wall

Hi foodie friends. Hope you are all doing good. Today we are here to share not a recipe, but our experience with the activity which we did this new years ,we called it  ‘Feed the needy’.

Foodie friends if we be honest with you,we were a bit nervous about the kind of response that we would get But then things done with all the right intention always give us fruitful results.

So here is our Miss foodies good deed memory wall. Two of of our foodie friends supporting us on same shared their experience and beautiful pics. They requested us to keep their names a secret and so we are not sharing it with all you guys. We sincerely thank them for being a part of this drive and we simply loved the pics which they sent us. This shows the special connection which food has and that it can bring a smile on so many faces if shared at the right place at the right time.

Friends we too did the same activity and we can tell you that it was surely one of the most wonderful feelings that can be!! That day we realized how satisfying it was to feed a hungry person.Seeing that smile and the satisfaction on those kid’s faces made it all the more special.Their eyes were gleaming with joy and the happiness that they felt shone brightly on their faces.We always talk about doing a good selfless deed, but it is only when we actually do it do we realize how gratifying it feels and  that there are so many small things that we can do to bring a smile on the faces of those who are less privileged than us.

This was a truly overwhelming experience for us. We are sure you will be able to understand how we felt when you look at the photographs which we have shared on the Memory wall.

So friends send us your experiences and clicks.Let us share it with all our foodie friends and you never know,it might just prove to be that little push for our lazy foodie friends to get up and join the initiative 🙂  Trust us when we say that it is the best feeling in the world. Though we insist and know that if you do it once you shall probably think of making it a practice and finding time maybe once in a month or a fortnight to cook for someone in need 🙂

( For details connect with our last post )

Stay connected for our next recipe.

Hope to see your click next on our wall 🙂


Parul n sakshi


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