Review- The Chatter House


Hello foodie friends. Hope you all having a good time. So are we 🙂 we are actually doing justice to our blogs name “Miss Foodies” We are so hogging these days… God!!! and then we complain we are gaining 🙂 But we kind of love it.
So you know whats new in our post today. Well just a week back we went for a bloggers meet to this place called “Chatter House”. Nice name.. right!!! The name says it all I guess.. Chat, gossip over drinks and food 🙂
Its a gastropub launched in september 2013. The interiors match the name with the exposed brick walls with slogans and posters along with an open bar and comfortable seating style.


They also have an outside area with an al fresco dining. Holds a huge variety of veg, non veg ,mocktails and cocktails. In fact just few months back as they got their liquor licence they are trying to implement new drinks 🙂 I
m sure that makes some of your eyes go bigger reading this. lol….. But yes thats really true about this place. Though that doesn’t excite us much because may be we have surpassed the age of drinks excitement.. haha.. But yes what excites us and what we really search for in newer places like these is something different on the menu. and we surely succeeded in finding the same 🙂

So let me begin with what made our meal at Chatter House. A tempting mocktail with a mix of guava, lemonade and spices named Amrood Chaat. Pretty apt and tempting name too. This was a total win win for us and surely a must try. Also as summers are rolling in it will be pretty refreshing.

There are couple of other mocktails too. Amrood chat really stands out in taste and is refreshing. Another one on list that we enjoyed too is meant for Apple lovers and is called the Adams Apple.Talking of cocktails, yes definitely they are trying their hand on creating a huge variety. Few among the whole lot being Kafir and saffron, jagberry, kiwi vasabi…. The list goes on and on.But as we mentioned we surpassed that age but still crowds favourite seemed to be Jagberry 🙂 Are we sounding old…nooo 🙂

Coming to food we were served some fab dishes. The chef specially introduced us with a platter of Broccoli and cheese nuggets. A newer variety which they are planning to add to their menu soon. Truly they were soft and meant for broccoli lovers like us 🙂 For all those like us who always enjoy broccoli in some form or the other its a must try. We did appreciate the chefs creation and shared that the idea to add these to the menu was pretty awesome.


Then came the Veg platter which definitely looked good as you can see 🙂 It had hummus, baba ghanoush, pita bread, feta stuffed crispy mushrooms (pretty good) and paneer tikka . The cheese was done well and so were the dips. We also had onion and potato croquettes. The dip of this platter again was done well along with potato croquettes. Potato croquettes were soft with right set of flavour. They definitely tasted better over onion rings.


Then came quite a dish of the day- Pizza. Freshly baked thin crust pizza with right amount of toppings and cheese was done very well. super yummy 😉 Trust us friends we are big time pizza lovers and so can say their pizzas are done pretty well and a must to be ordered when you visit the place. There is quite a variety of pizzas on the menu and all of them are worth trying 🙂
Beyond these there is lots in main course too again for both veggies and Non 🙂 . We had to rush somewhere so could not try our taste buds on that but surely once we go back 🙂
All in all the location of Chatter House is a plus for located in Epicura food mall in Nehru Place,quiet becoming a foodie place in Delhi, but also a bit of minus for a lot of upcoming eating joints in vicinity. Pretty young place and surely a best fit for those who love to chat with their friends over a drink as undoubtedly they have an elaborate drinks menu. Mocktails specially amrood Chaat is a must try. Food is decent with Pizza , Veg Platter and broccoli cheese nuggets being a win win for us. Reasonably priced with good quantity portions.


Chatter House @ Lower Basement, Epicuria Food Mall, Nehru Place, New Delhi

Stay tuned for much more 🙂 Take care and enjoy!!!


Parul n Sakshi


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