Review- Tres

Hola 🙂 !Que tal!  Hello foodie friends. How are you. And those of you in Delhi like us will surely be fighting with the hot and scorching summers. Hope you agree. And so after a bit of lazing around and much of celebrations we are here to share food food and food.

So just the last weekend  I was out for dinner with my sis in law and my better half. We planned to visit this place much talked about by my sis. I had heard about this before and passed by couple of times but finally landed there this weekend. Let me give you Miss Foodies take on it 🙂

Friends the dining out experience is changing rapidly in India. Not only due to restaurants at five star hotels, or fast food chains but also due to the emergence of specialty eateries that offer an awesome experience and a hit to your taste buds.

Located in a non descript corner of the Lodhi Market in Delhi is one such place called Tres. It means 3 in Spanish, and gets its name from the three people behind it: Chefs Julia Carmen Desa and Jatin Mallick and Fatima Lobo. The food is modern European.

Why I say non descriptive is because one could easily pass this place by like I did. But once inside, things are very different. Like really….  Walking in From a non-descriptive and aloof corner into a place pretty chilled out , full ,low lights, sound of good music setting the mood for perfect eve lets you in the place of real good food. The Ambiance is simple yet effective. The atmosphere of Tres is cozy and I loved the intensity of the lights which is generally over looked. The choice of music is charming. The place really gets full very fast so a reservation is a must. In fact all those who tend to populate Tres are there only through word of mouth. Tres does no advertising.

Well we landed there without a reservation. So had to wait to get a table but It was good in a way as we sat by their bar. Tres is a restaurant with a feel of European design and a small bar counter. So undoubtedly they have a huge list of cocktails including a good list of wines.


(What we had) As we sat by I came across this lemonade which sounded different from usual. The menu said Tres lemonade – mango, basil, lime juice, soda. It was as interesting as it sounds. The flavour of lemon ,kick of raw mango and freshness of basil .


As our table was ready by then we made ourselves comfortable glancing through the menu. Starting from the bread basket , Spice crispy potatoes & waterchesnuts  was what we ordered first. I so loved this dish. The interesting blend of flavours and texture was pretty memorable and still fresh in my taste buds. The blend of mustard oil with other spices was too good. In long time tried something which was so defined.


Next on our order was Baked artichoke hearts, lemon persillade and honey mustard dressing. This one again due to its flavours was a win win for us. Cooked to perfection and well seasoned.


Moving on we ordered Spinach and herb cheese roulade with asparagus and Open ravioli for the mains. Spinach and herb cheese roulade with asparagus was well presented and fabulous in taste. I may repeat again and again for the defined taste and interesting blend of flavours as I lack words to express. Now I realize that no wonder this place is known for its food. Many of the dishes look like coming from a master chef kitchen.


As we have a Sweet tooth and dessert is considered pretty important part of the meal and so we were set to order. We called for Sampler sorbet and Caramel Banana Tiramisu. In sampler sorbet Mango sorbet undoubtedly made our hearts fall for it. Tiramisu with banana and crisp of caramel was yum yum and rich. The classy presentation makes you fall for it anyways 🙂 See for your self.



Coming down to Service. It was pretty professional along with a feel of proper course meal. The cutlery getting switched after every course you take. The staff pretty attentive and friendly to give an honest advice for dishes worth a try. The presence of owner chef himself most of the times adds up to the whole Master chef feel.

Talking of Price. One may find it little heavy on pocket but its absolutely worth it. With amount of dishes we ordered it comes out around 1650 per person. With the whole course meal experience and service made it worth.

Much more– Coming to that, definitely friends they have a huge menu with much more to offer. In fact for non vegies it’s a treat in itself with a wide variety of dishes. But for non veg those of you who love it will have to move your butts and get there 😉 Also as I mentioned earlier the whole wine menu leaves you satiating and makes the eve perfect.


Do we recommend – Yes we do without any Buts 🙂 Foodie friends as per us Tres is a must do destination in Delhi if you want unpretentious, yet fabulous food.


17, Main market,Lodhi Colony, New Delhi


Hasta pronto!!!

Parul n Sakshi J



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