Review- GIU experience at Mia Bella


Hi foodie friends. Hope you all doing good. And yes with the weather getting bit better here in Delhi is giving us a chance going all out and enjoy some good food. Saying that we believe you must have made a little guess by now that we are here to share another experience.

Foodie friends we are so sure you all are much aware of GourmetItUp  by now. GourmetItUp is a web portal that pairs with popular fine dining restaurants around the city and curates tailor-fit set experiences. You can make a reservation for any of these experiences online ,the dedicated concierge service promptly confirms your reservation and sends you a confirmation. Remember our post a month back wherein we talked about GourmetItUp coming to Delhi.

We were indeed the first ones to share their much awaited launch in Delhi with you all. They are really getting on to lot of restaurants to change the whole dining experience.

So yet again we were invited over GIU experience at Mia Bella by FBAI.  FBAI or the Food bloggers association of India as you all know is an online News Channel that reports, reviews & disseminates information on F&B products & services, restaurants, chefs and events across India.

When the invite was as strong as coming from FBAI. I landed there with my better half to enjoy a lovely eve, discover another food place and obviously to catch up with like minded people with whom food is the common connect.

Mia Bella is a year old restaurant located right at top in Hauz Khaz Village, and overlooks the water tank with a bit of Spanish feel to it. Specially the way they have done their bar area. One of the biggest positives is their outer area which has a beautiful view. Though it can be enjoyed in best of Delhis weather but definitely adds up to one of biggest positives for Mia bella. It’s a multi cuisine restaurant offering American, labenese, Italian and American.



Coming down to the GIU set menu at Mia Bella. It was a sit down four course meal as the concept of GIU. While we sat by and foodialised, a term I just invented ,some what like socialize but for no other reason than a connect called FOOD, the team of Mia Bella was all set to look after . It all began with tasting of cocks and wine, a little arrangement made by Mia Bella by the bar.


(What we had) Soon we were served with our first course. There was choice of both veg and non veg. But surely being hard core vegetarians veggie was our obvious choice. So there came our appetizers. It was a vegetarian tasting Platter– A platter consisting of Mia Bellas signature Chicken Dhoka, cheesy nachos, cottage cheese fingers.  Did you notice the quiet a catchy name for a veggie dish- Chiken dhoka 🙂 sounded interesting. It was nice to see my better half cum our blog editor to taste it. He really liked it for what it was. It was a nicely done veggie snack with the look of chicken with a twist. Now I actually loved that twist. Usually the first thing that comes to ones mind coming across such a dish is Soya as it is considered to be veggies chicken. BUT to our surprise it was a crisp outer with a filling of curd. Actually famous  dahi kebab as to say with a different concept and presentation. Cottage cheese fingers were surely a delight too with a whole thick crisp and crunchy outer with cottage cheese inside. And while we were in middle of our meal GIU tweeted this sweet pic of ours, have a look:



Next came Spicy Veg  Nazza. Now for those of you who are wondering what is this let me tell you. I was too confused by the name of it but its actually A naan bread based pizza topped with assorted veggies. Now that sounds interesting, doesn’t it. Pizzas being a delight for us and this one being a good one and nicely done was taste full and enjoyed to the fullest. Then we were served with the White Mushroom Risotto. It was done pretty well keeping Indian palate in mind.


Last but not the least on the set menu was a Dessert Trio. Three of Mia Bellas signature desserts- classic chocolate brownie, cheesecake and traditional tiramisu. Missed it because before we could try our taste buds on these we had to rush some other place due to a prior commitment. But no worries we are sure they would have been a perfect end to a perfect course meal experience. And that gives us a chance to get back there soon for another fun eve, and this time we will surely take a seat outside to enjoy some good food along with a beautiful view. Hopefully as soon as the weather gets better. At Mia Bella the GIU set menu is priced at INR 1642 per person along with unlimited drinks that include cosmo, mojito, beer and few more.

Do we recommend – Friends talking of GourmetItUp experience. One thing is there for sure that their set menu has best of the lot in each restaurant they are tying up with. The portions are quiet good and filling and little reasonably priced if we think of ordering all those dishes separately. No doubt they working well towards changing the whole dining experience to a more sit down settled and course meal. But we also feel that getting hooked on to this experience depends a lot on individual perspective of dining out with friends and family. The thought of having veg meals similarly priced as non veg meals may leave some with a thought. Also because it is a set menu it may make some feel getting restricted to what you want to order. But because it sets in best of the lot for you it may leave you satiating and hassle free to try out good food at different places.

Talking of Mia Bella. Yes it undoubtedly has a beautiful view along with some catchy and yummy dishes on the menu. The menu too carries a wide variety specially for the non veggies but a bit on the pricey side. Also best suited for ones having a good appetite for drinking. But being in Haus khaz- a place now famous for lots of different eating out joints may restrict the foot fall.

So foodies yet another place for all of you to visit. Do share your experience with us at 🙂

(Please Note : Few pictures in this particular post were provided by the host and edited by miss foodies)


Sakshi n Parul



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