Review – Pita Pit


Hello friends. Its been really really long…. Hope you missed us. we surely missed writing and sharing a post with you all. What’s exciting… well lots of things in store. Was out for a vacation to US. oh what a trip…..along with good time came our way some very interesting food places. That was obvious. Right!!! Once a foodie always a foodie. But foodie friends before we get to our travel post, today’s post is about a place in your reach. Before leaving for the vacation one of my foodie friends invited over for a quickie brunch at Pitas Pit, GK 🙂

So let me begin by Miss Foodies take on it. So as I walked up the stairs a cutie poster with a Pita Pete caught my eye that welcomes all those coming to Pita Pit. Though located in a super busy market of GK 1, place for shopaholics, you enter into this refreshing, green and calm world of Pitas 🙂 Have to say the international chain Pita Pit has arrived with a bang.  It’s a good place to re energize yourselves after shopping for some more.. Lol….. But truly talking of its Ambiance, I believe I can go gaga over the same.  The ambiance too along with the food  is living upto its punch line “Eating healthy, thinking fresh” The lay out is done amazingly well. The addition of fresh bamboos and money plants undoubtedly gives a green earthen and positive feel to the entire place. This eating healthy funda is really getting people check their calories in take big time. But have to say most of the  similar chains in just paying attention to the food often forget or ignore the ambiance. What I truly loved about this Pita pit is how carefully it has been designed , so calm and composed in contrary to its location. Special mention to the people behind creating this ambiance is well deserved. Positive and green ambiance makes you feel so relaxed that you anyways enjoy fresh and light meal. Hope most of you will agree.


Coming down to what they have in store for your palate. Friends Pita Pit is a store of endless possibilities. They have sandwiches fit for a variety of meals, be it breakfast, light hunger lunch to loaded dinner.  Also the sandwiches can be personalised to your palate. They have got normal pitas, wheat pita’s with sizes to choose from. They have varieties in store both for veggies and non including toasties, salads, beverages, sides, fresh juices and desserts. The dips, dressings and interesting spreads really make the meal more exciting.  (What we had) we began with pitas cold coffee. It is undoubtedly amazing . I m quiet a choosy when it comes to cold coffees. In fact I personally avoid cold coffee outside for most of them make it unreasonably bitter. So was little hesitant to order but it was simply worth it. Then came our pita toasties. Fresh Paneer, baked potato and ham and pepperoni for my non veggie friends. The pita was super fresh ,light and nice. The paneer was more interesting as far as my spicy taste buds are concerned. I loved it. The potato had that spice missing for me but certainly the interesting dips on the side made up for it. But I have to mention that my non veggie friends seemed to be enjoying every bit of it. Their facial and satiating expressions said it all….delicious, juicy and awesome.




Then called for falafel wrap along with fresh Pineapple juice. This remained a win win too. The wrap along with hummus and their secret sauce surely left us satiating. Then came the garden salad, we seemed to be going reversed. Lol… mood calls for it, I guess. I really likes the salad, though a little more dressing could have made it just perfect but loved the way of doing the cheese in the salad. It made it delicious and interesting.



Coming down to desserts. They have a good variety in there too including carrot bran muffin, cinnamon cake loaf and more. Tiramisu is delicious and you feel like calling for more. Rest we left to be tried on next visit. Friends Service is pretty good too and the staff is sweet. They really make an effort to make your sandwich interesting if you find something missing. Talking of price ,it is fresh and healthy eating without paying much, pretty light on the pocket.


Do we recommend – Yes without any doubt. For a food chain like this the ambiance will leave you satiated to the fullest along with the food and being so light on pocket will make you just enjoy it. So go refresh yourselves with Pita pit and stay healthy!!!

Pita Pit

M-18, Main Market

1st floor, Greater Kailash 1, New delhi


Parul n sakshi 🙂


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