the Rolling Joint


Hi all. its been long I know, what to do bit tied up and been lazy. blame it on the weather of delhi which finally seems to be getting better. And that’s another reason to eat more, no matter how tired we get after a long day we so go out for a late eve drive religiously. And that’s how we came across this fab little joint. rolling joint…oh we so love it..hmmm… wait guys before you even react ….Lol …. You guys might be wondering what all am I talking about… joint ..rolling … ha ha…. That’s one positive about it 😀 the name catches your eye so quickly.

So let me help you figure out what am I talking about. And yes foodie friends of Delhi or shall I say delhiwallas this ones specially for you. And specially for those who just love to eat away from fine dine at times. We really do at times.  And also we were looking for something away from regular subs or pizzas just when you want to skip dinner at home, but also lack strength to dress up for a fine dine.  When you just want to go for a drive enjoying the weather get yummy food deliver in the car or may be just pack it up and take home to enjoy with your favourite shows. we so look forward to these places. So if I have really builded up the excitement let me tell you about this fab place opened up in connaught place. Its called The Rolling Joint. so now you know we are addicted to just food and nothing beyond. On that note lets come to Miss Foodies take on it

This is a new joint that has come up in CP and name is something that will attract you, for a second you may wonder what are your friends talking about …you may react to Oh God what’s happening. But as you listen completely you may just be looking forward to try it. It’s a small cosy place opened up in middle circle in CP.  As of now they are a take away food zone which has a wholesome variety that too experimenting with veg food. OMG they get an extra point for that, because friends the way the food is served ,it is so crisp and neat ,you ought to love it more.


Lets come down to food now. What we had. Lots because just in a few days we have visited this joint so so often. To begin with soya tikka chanp. we loved it ,its nice crisp, smoky and not too overdone with spices. Just apt with right amount of chilli, it is surely a win win.


Also the soya is available in their super tempting, filling and yum parantha rolls 😀 That’s our favourite too. Talking of parantha rolls yes they have delicious Paneer chettinad too which is yum.


They do have a variety in their menu friends which is a good part. They have tikka wraps, greek rolls and what we had and relished is their falafel pita pockets. They are done nicely too. Flavoursome and  yum. They have yum kebabs too and rapped all of it in a roll makes it easy to have and justifies the name totally.



Do we recommend – Yes without any doubt. Friends though it’s a small cozy take away place for now but we really feel the name will leave its mark and get all Dilliwalas addicted to it. And yes not to miss the service is good too. The staff is soft spoken and on their toes to serve you and make sure you like the food. They are open to suggestions.


M 61/1 Connaught Place,New Delhi 1

Stay connected for much more 😀


Parul n Sakshi




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