Review : Cafe Gratitude :) LA

Hola amigos , que ha sido bastante larga. Hey I m too getting bit of  spanish learning with Parul. Hi friends ,its really been long.. We know but have been so busy with work , festivals family… Too much happening….

But was surely missing writing a new post. So here we are. Parul is finaly set to share her foodie experience on her absolute fun trip to US. So let me give it away to her.

Hey Foodie friends ya as Sakshi mentioned absolute fun trip.. OMG soo nostalgic. If I share in less words it was legen…wai for it…dary… Legendary 😉 And of course food was a never ending part of it. There are so many awesome food places that its pretty hard to share all of them. Will get to all slowly but today’s one is legendary pick to start with.

Are you refreshed, humble, strong,incredible,or charismatic or much more…. Wondering what this is…. Let me get to that…. So when we were around in LA co incidentally so was one of our cousins. It is always fun  to meet your friends and family generally and when it happens overseas what more could you ask for. So after a fun filled day in LA after visiting Universal studios,chinese theatre and so on we met our cousin who indeed was with his another cousin who lived in LA. So that made four of us together. Me ,my better half ,our cousin Shabad and his cousin Rahat. After a good coffee and catching up on never ending chit chat our tummy’s knocked at us for some good food. Our eyes were at Rahat for obvious reasons that he lived in LA. But poor Rahat went into a deep thought after knowing that all three of us were vegetarians…. After putting a lot of thought and asking his other friends for suggestions and saying “ Oh you guys are veggie, like all of you “ more than a couple of times decided to take us to this amazing Vegan place named Cafe Gratitude. But have to say his effort was worth and we owe this post to him. Have one look at the Ambiance. Its comfortable, chilled out, lively and simply awesome. If the weather s in your favor outside seating gets you st in mood for an amazing eve.


This name might ring a bell to our friends overseas and goes without saying that for friends in India its a must visit when travelling to US . After Rahat had praised it so much we were really excited to have our dinner there. As we reached a sweet lady made us comfortable and showed us the table. Visitor to this place are often in for a surprise because of its menu and placing the order style. Wondering how, let me tell you. Just when you are comfortable in your chair one of the servers come to greet you and explain how should you really order food here. So you may begin by saying I m refreshed🙂 you don’t need to explain further. just by saying I m refreshed housemate lemonade would be what you may look forward . So that’s what I ordered for my drink. The dishes in the menu are named after all the good words that may make you feel awesome about yourself. It gets you in the mood and you order your food in style. That’s exactly how we began…….

Just when we finished ordering, the lady taking care of our table left us with a thought to wonder whom are we thankful to for our that very day. hmmmm now that was interesting because all four of us had our humble and witty answers ready.

So getting to our Miss foodies take on it. Cafe Gratitude is a collection of 100% organic vegan restaurants specializing in gourmet vegan cuisines. Their menu and hospitality is to be raved for. I believe they strive to create an environment which is healthy super positive and makes one feel so good about one self because of all the awesome adjectives placed on the menu as name of dishes along with of course some great food. Truly as they say for themselves Cafe Gratitude is their expression of a world of plenty. They just don’t serve but celebrate true liveliness with their people.

IMG_0245 (1)

What we Had– Oh to begin with my order was I M HUMBLE 🙂 This was an Indian curry bowl  which included
red lentil dal, spinach, roasted garnet yams, spicy mint chutney, sweet tamarind sauce, chopped scallions, sprouted probiotic brown rice or quinoa. It was awesome friend. The blend of sweet tamarind sauce with lentil , rice and much more was the highlight.Every flavour was defined and it was made amazingly well. My mouth watering …I wish I could go back…. hmmm….

IMG_0243 (1)


Well my better half ordered I M MUCHO 🙂 This was mexican bowl  with black beans, guacamole, pico de gallo, nopales, salsa verde, cashew nacho cheese, toasted pepitas, romaine, sprouted probiotic brown rice or quinoa. What to say…..this was crazy yummy too. It made a flavourfull Mexican meal.


Shabad said “I M MAGICAL” This was a sandwich served with a homemade black bean patty, whole wheat bun, lettuce, tomato, pickles, onion, mustard sauce, spicy chipotle ketchup with some roasted potatoes for salad. All soo yumm…


Then was Rahat saying I M TERRIFIC that is an interesting combination of marinated kelp noodles, thai almond sauce, carrots, red bell pepper, shredded kale, chopped teriyaki almonds, sunflower sprouts. Honestly friends all was as good as it sounds. We all shared few bites from each others plate make our taste buds happy.

Do we recommend – Do I need to say YES YES YES…. after using words like awesome and what not in this entire write up ,I guess theres no need to say much more. Guys its a must try on your visit to US. My taste buds are pushing me to get back there for an amazing meal. Hope I travel back soon. fingers crossed… LOL But friends from food to ambience to service they are simply Legendary…………….

Have couple of food places on our mind to share with you all. Dont worry ,next one surely will be in Delhi. I know how much we must have tempted you to be planning a trip and go to Cafe Gratitude. But undoubtedly it was a must share. But for next in Delhi ………

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