New Delhi Palate Fest :) Must Go :)


What A Foodfull day. Hey Delhi foodie friends its maddening…..Crazyyyy food festival, food fiesta. Sooo much of good food at one place….. There are days when you just want to eat this that everything…. Friends get up and get going because you have almost all the best food places in one place – Nehru Park Chanakya Puri . Its first of its kind , have to say International level food festival for three days. 28th to 30th . So two days are gone. But the finale is still waiting for the foodies to go and satisfy all your food cravings.

Let me get to the point today. Theres too much share might tempt you guys those are being lazy to go and help those who have planned it for tomorrow 😉

What we had : DROOL 🙂 Guys we were drooling over their waffles like many others as you can see for yourself . Guys they are serving eggless amazing, yummilicious and delicious variety of waffles- savoury and sweet. Yummm…. with some interesting names…. We had Angry Barking Dog-soya sausage hot dog,mayonnaise,gherkins, tomato ketchup,mustard.gherkins… It was as interesting as the ingredients and perfectly savoury for the palate.



How could have we left without satisfying our sweet tooth. So that made us have Mellow Marshmallow– chocolate ganache burnt marshmallow. Have a look at the burnt marshmallow. oh soo yummm .




Enjoyed Drool along with sweet chefs too. And of course something for everyone specially the stick ones for kids. All in all they are doing pretty good and the long lines might get you wait a little but the wait would be worth it. Must Have

Then we went on to Nourish Organics– healthy eating for urban living….oh sooo needed J If you guys want to pick some good Muesli, healthy organic seeds to take home its surely good. we bought some stuff too. In fact around this corner there are couple of organic stalls, try them out.

People then there’s is Habibi …. hmmm, non veggies you have ears raised right. But Veggie friends don’t you worry they have stuff for us too… We had Spicy falafel roll, served with fries and spices will make your palate happy.



And yes highlight of Habibi is the mocktails. Tried both,  Aneeqa– Pomegranate juice,mint leaves,lime juice,vanilla syrup 🙂 and Dilkash – pineapple juice,lime juice,butterscotch syrup. Interesting blends I must say…


Then came the Spanish Embassy. Friends my love for the language pushed us there. We had the vegetarian Paella. It was good but whart really stood out for us was their Nector bottles. Had peach or I shall say Melocoton and Apple..La Manzana.


Ate at others places too but drained out and palate needs a nice sleep now. lol , But ya have to mention the last meal……  So that was at Kiyan- Dusit Devarana. This was so on my list for long and was long pending to meet with Chef Nishant…. So told him exactly how the palate was full but not the neeyat as we say… lol… And he suggested the oh so perfect dish on the menu Home made udad Vadi, Rajma khichdi…. Friends it may look simple in the pic but it was awesome and extremely flavourfull……


Loved it and what a perfect ending to the perfect eating day out and guess who came along too… Mommy 😉


There is lot more foodies…. from Fat Lulu’s to Turkish Embassy/Alaturka to Sakae Sushi to Le Bistro du park to…..lot of Bakers like Rose Cafe ,Their walnut cake is awesome and called for in this chilly weather, to  endless………Eat eat and eat .The oh soooo helpful map around the corners are extremely helpful to make sure you don’t miss any of it. Clicked it for you, so have a look and plan.




Parul n Sakshi


2 thoughts on “New Delhi Palate Fest :) Must Go :)

  1. Hi Parul & Sakshi.. Could you pls tell me where is Drool located. They had some amazing stuff and I’m unable to locate their store.

    • Hey Megha, just saw your comment. They will be opening soon. For more information like their page on fb, it’s called Drool waffles. You will get an update on same 🙂
      Let us know if we can help you with anything else.

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