Review: Amour Bistro


Happy New Year 2015 everyone. So here we are with our resolution of eating good food, writing about good food and sharing about good food 🙂 Standing by our resolution here is our first post for the New year. Hope it finds you all well, happy and in good health.

As our sis was over for the New Years with our two little Angels, we decided to spend one of the eves at Cafe Amour Bistro. This fab place has a fab location too – Malcha Marg. I know we have the attention of all the Delhi friends now. For others its a must visit when you plan your trip.

Lets take you through Miss Foodies take on it : This place located well at Malcha Marg is away from the usual noise of the capital. Mostly crowded with not so loud, sophisticated crowd is a place to be to enjoy a peaceful meal or coffee. The ambience is decent with remarkably large windows. Yet to visit there in day time but they are oh sooo perfect for an awesome eve. With tasty food on the in side along with not too flashy lights and with a little mist or water on the outside because of the weather sets you a perfect Ambience. Not to forget the open kitchen with glass around.


Beginning with What we had : Cold winters quiet push you to start with soup. Mom and I called for veg Tuscan soup. It was quiet nice. With a base of tomato that we always love along with beans made us enjoy every spoon and made it different from usual.


Sis called for their special warm winter lemonade to get away with the cold. As she praised t so much I too had a sip and friends trust me we called for two more glasses thereafter. With a little honey, cinnamon and lemon the flavor was just perfect and neither of them overpowering each other. As we we were very hungry called for the mains.



There came soy shawarma. It was delicious and flavorful. The soy was done well with right amount of spice. In quiet a long time had such nice Shawarma. I believe that says it all. So should be a must try.


Also came the Fussili Pasta tossed with mouth melting cream cheese sauce. This was relished by my better half bowlful.


Along came two pizzas. Margherita for the kids. It was really done well. The kids enjoyed it to the fullest.


Another or the biggies was Esotiche pizza. This was oh so good with Marinara sauce mix of mozarrella and smoked scamorza, broccoli florets, jalapenos, green asparagus and feta dressed roquette leaves. Pizza lovers this one should be a must try for you.


Friends there was another dish on the menu. It sounded as interesting as it tasted. It was cottage cheese and spinach with quinoa. It was light delicious and tasteful. There was cottage cheese on the side with tomato based sauce covered under spinach along with pretty well done quinoa. It was well presented too. Dont go by the picture for presentation as we were too impatient to try it and as a result clicked it after tasting, lol. So it is clicked as should be from a foodie’s plate 😉


We dint end here. The white and dark hot chocolate came for the elders. It was indeed sinful. Along came the perfect dessert for kids a sinful shake with their gems, marshmallow and what not. And its sin was visible by the energized naughtiness of our angels.

Do we recommend: Of course yes. The service is decent and is decently priced too. It was a perfect evening at a perfect place with the perfect food and perfect weather. Wellll this is just the beginning of our resolution 😉 Stay Connected for much more

 Amour Bistro

10/48 Malcha Marg shopping complex, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi

Happy New Year

Eat well and Stay healthy too


Parul n Sakshi


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