The Grub Fest


Hurry up foodies . I m sure you all know what this post is all about. So specially all the Delhi foodie friends and also those who are co incidentally holidaying in Delhi at this time it’s rush hour ….. To the grub fest … No wonder like all other things these food fiesta are becoming a trend in Delhi but as food doesn’t hurt who minds it right . Getting so many cuisines under one shed is all a foodie needs.

So we were there too last evening with our very own Tdfc group. The Delhi foodie group and it was lot of fun. As a food gang we laughed, enjoyed and  caught attention for all the reasons and of course ate ate and ate. Let me quickly take you through our walk at the food fiesta:



After looking around and settling our minds with where to start from, we landed at EN- The Japenese restaurant. Their well done sushi gave us all the reasons to relish and order more. The veg sushi was perfect and imagine was loved by the non veggie friends too. Oh yes how can i miss… I was the only hardcore vegetarian amongst the bunch of carnivores, but see for your self as you read along how well I survived.



Standing up to my vegetarianism guess where I made all of them stop. GHAAS PHOOS- Veg with an edge. This one really raises your eye and is a must stop for food lovers. Everything here is meat and dairy free. I took their veg platter to try all of it at once 😉 It includes the Chubby cheek – smoky galauti kebab sandwitched between soft kulchaas, Chilly bowl- their house chillie served with jalapeno rice and nachos, Chocolate wont-tons – crispy pastry filled with gooey goodness of dark chocolate. All of them together made a perfect combo with an extra point to their chubby cheek, it was to die for. I dint really expect the carnivore partners to have much but to my surprise they hogged it all.



Then came the NYC-PIE. Friends their veg pizza is a must have. This stood out majorly because of the statement from one of the non veggies side “The veg pizza is better than the pepperoni”  The non veggie foodies happily agreed to disagree but could not resist trying it. It was a perfect combo of veggies, thin crust base and the magic of spicy sauce which made it stood out of all the pizzas I have had so far. Man i was loving all the attention to myself and to the vegetarian food. Hahaha. Not that I m biased but it was maddening to see hard core non veggies hogging on veg 😉 I couldn’t believe the sight.




Then the walk in attempt to digest lead us to Guilty Pleasures. These sinful jars full of different flavours stop you by their side. The one stood out for me was their Deconstructed Opera…. Yum… These can be finished there or packed for home . You certainly will end up fighting up for space in your tummy to have it all 🙂 If you love the sinful combination of chocolate and coffee, this is it.They are part of Nawabi- will help you locate them better and take away some sinful guilts.



Hmmm… well wll well… the next stop was quiet a stop.. SMOKEYS. We chilled here with individual drinks and food for all…. Hahaha…. No that means that one order led to the other and everyone had their individual dish to finish. The carnivores got glued to their big daddy, super boy, mammas boy… while I choose the Curried vegetable burger….. The burger buns are huge and loaded with patty on to inside. The food here is delicious, satiating for tummy and value for money.

For these to fio to town hall to zambar to shiv sagar to many many more…. people rush like I have rushed writing this one for you all. You still have two days to tickle your taste buds and giving your tummys the best. Go for it.

The Grub Fest @ Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium : April 3rd,4th,5th 2015


Parul n Sakshi


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