Happy Birthday Miss Foodies – Nutty cream cheese FUN sandwiches


Feliz cumpleanos a Miss Foodies, Feliz cumpleanos a nosotras. Hi foodie friends. Its 3rd of may yet again and here we complete 2 years of good food, reviews, fun, number of increasing likes, comments, food walks as Delhi comes alive with food fests, learning and what not.

BUT I feel immense pleasure in sharing with you people that in this last year Miss foodies has actually grown in size as well. Hmmm confused and wondering what I mean? I understand. We keep on gaining inches and guess you wondering what’s so special about announcing it. Hahahaha if you really thinking that then lmao 😉 Friends this year Miss Foodies welcomes two new members on board. Now I want a huge round of applause from all you guys across the world as I announce…. My bestie, partner in crime, partner in hogging on food Sakshi is now blessed with two little baby boys. OMG , so as Miss Foodies has grown like in real with two bundles of joy as we complete two beautiful years of this journey I am excited, going nuts, jumping around and feeling awesome sharing with you guys. It goes without saying that today’s post just revolves around our two little members, may be surprising Sakshi to what this very post has in store for her.


And my dear friends specially all the mommy’s out there and of course all the Daddy’s too who love to cook for their kids. This one is real special for you all. As this post gets you some fabulous presentation ideas to pamper your kids with. This scorching summers make your kids eat their favourite cartoon characters. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? To begin with cars could be a great idea as you just saw. Angry birds is their all time favorite 😉


But all this while I was wondering what is Sakshi going to do when the two naughty boys wont listen to her at once. I got the solution for that too. Aunt Parul that is of course me is going to make them meet their girl friend 😉 and I bet they just won’t go anywhere. Well well well I am surely going to spoil them and rest leave on Sakshi to take care of. Am I going to be dead or am I going to be dead once this post goes live.


But no worries if Sakshi gets too mad at me for spoiling them, I will spoil them even more and teach them the secret Sandwich recipe to present to their Mom. Here it comes 😉 😉 😉


Hahaha…… But if Sakshi pampers me I may be nicer and teach them some cute stuff along.




Foodie friends hope you all finding this interesting. For kids you got to be kids too. I am sure you all will agree. Though I am not talking out of experience yet but I am sure the two naughty bundles will help me gain some. Coming to the recipe. It’s very easy because major effort would be needed in the presentation. That too is quiet easy if you love exploring just like we do. So get yourself started to make your naughty bundles eat healthy in just the form they like. Here we go:

final ingre sandwich

Method 2 year

Absolutely loving this beautiful journey that we started simply as a fun activity because of our love for food but it’s got us way far than we could imagine and now there is no looking back. We thank you all for the love and support that always gets us going and post new ideas. And we look forward to beginning of another beautiful year in our memory lane.

The journey is and hope shall remain amazingly legen…wait for it…dary……. Legendary!!!

Feel free to send in your wishes in comments below.


Parul n Sakshi


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