Mango Sorbet


I cant keep calm because its my 21st Birthday. Yay!!! Sakshi no me digas(don’t tell me)…. Que dices! (what are you saying) Lol….Huh Parul you and your Spanish. Though I wish it was mine.

Haha I wish the same Sakshi but lets come back to reality. And ya Spanish …. Was just busy revising my current topics. How to express disagreement, lol. Anyways then you all must be wondering whose birthday it is actually. Friends its my sweet little sisters Birthday 🙂 Her excitement has taken us down the memory lane. And because we had this interesting post to share with you all, thought what better day than today. Surprising her and adding on to her sweet memories on this very day. Though it’s an offence ,well almost, to share a girls age but I guess she is in her perfect young years so hoping she would love this 🙂 Here’s wishing you a Big Happy Birthday sweetie and many more fun filled years to come.


Foodie friends as you can see, what we have on our menu today is refreshing Mango sorbet. Yesssss….The king of fruits and summers is back. And back with a bang…. This Mango Sorbet is just awesome and perfect for this summer season. We are a big fan of fresh fruit and so prefer fresh fruits over fruit based desserts any day. It’s also because the fruit based desserts do not do full justice to the taste , like not being overwhelming enough to compromise over fresh fruit. But we love this one. Its easy, its absolutely fresh, has no preservative or artificial flavour. Its awesomeness. Can be easily made at home and will leave you satiated till last bit .




This sorbet changes everything. In fact, making sorbet is just about the easiest thing ever. With minimal ingredients, this one is to die for. No cooking required, ready in some time, and so inexpensive. Friends when we say in expensive we mean it. We know sorbet are very easy to make if you have an ice cream maker . No matter how common ice cream makers may be but we have our doubts when it comes to our everyday kitchens. Along with extra expenditure it may land up occupying good amount of space in one’s kitchen. And because we believe in easy and hassle free cooking, we have made it easy for you. To top it all why be away from yummy desserts just because there is no ice cream maker. So friends let’s get started. You are just few steps away from beating these scorching summers 😉



Now isnt thatsuper easy. The only difficult part to sorbet making, as we found out is to have the patience to wait until th bowl is cold enough. After that its just a bit of whizzing and churning, and Voila 😉 This helps in getting you to the end result which is creamy-cool, rich and smooth Mango Sorbet.




Loving this post for it has got the best fruit around in the best dessert form possible. We bet, you and your family will love it. For presentation just let your imagination flow and surprise your guests with this chilled and refreshing dessert this summers. Don’t just sit back. Go pull out mangoes from your fridge and start making, while we go and party with Aashna as WE JUST CANT KEEP CALM BECAUSE ITS HER 21ST BIRTHDAY 🙂 🙂 🙂


Sakshi n Parul


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