Review: Cha-Shi

How many times have you been out on random plans with your bestie? Specially then, when she is on a roller coaster ride with two few months old naughty boys. She has been striving hard to get out of the house and so are you as already your bestie time is now divided for all the good reasons. The restlessness of the two after a lot of discussion eventually was executed into a plan. The mission was to shop for her as she was in deep need of change of wardrobe, more of talking out the calories and less of eating. Mind the words. Read between the lines. After rambling , dawdling and literally voyaging, the weary two landed in middle of mirthful and gleeful ambiance. The ambiance they have always loved and to bite in their favorite culinary art. They settled comfortably for a quick bite. Quick because the art is always pricey and girls are very calculative. After the most awaited munch which was swiped from the plate in two minutes, the real selves were on to play. The real tittle-tattle began along with falsification for the small portion offered. Well that’s the Art right. But as the mood was animated they dint bother about anything and the culinary art was repeated along with some acerbic and appetizing meal. The delectable meal along with tittle-tattle just dint seemed to be ending until the portions were swiped off leaving the platters as bare as they ever were and rest is all history with a glimpse of culinary art below :


What we had: Starting from the first left pic. Water chestnut and corm dim sums. They are done amazingly well. What we love the most is their outer covering which is so thin. The filling of course as the name suggests makes them a must order. Their chili sauce is amazing too. The only problem is the portion size. They serve you four little bites which do not leave you satiating. Because they are so delicious you have to order more. Next came our Zucchini tomato and cucumber Sushi. It is done pretty well and a delight for sushi lovers. The ginger tops it well. Stir fried asian vegetables to go with their yummy tom yum fried rice crackers. This combo makes a wholesome meal with goodness of vegetables but also keeping the spices and flavor intact. But I guess we both were still not done. And because Sakshi finds her meal incomplete without noodles we also called for stir fried vegetable noodles. Oh and how can I forgot my love for drinks. The water melon juice is hands down a refreshing delight.

Talking of Ambiance, the best thing about this place is the open space seating in midst of the mall. Considering that they are situated in Emporio which is still not over crowded.. it does give a decent amount of privacy and does not get too intruding also while you’re eating. Good food with lively surroundings and catching up besties gossip cannot get better than this. Service is good and staff is on their toes to make you happy with some awesome food and good presentation.

Do we recommend: Of course yes. As we mentioned the food is pricey but worth every bite. Yes you may not be happy with the portions size but you will surely be left satiating until the last bite.


Ground floor

Dlf Emporio mall, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi


Cheers!!! Stay connected for much more 🙂


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