Review: the fatty bao

Hi foodie friends. How you all doing. This time the festive season has kept us really really busy. Sakshi is going nuts with our two cute nut bags full of joy. And I am of couse with nut bags not leaving a single chance to trouble her. Trying new food and reviewing is always on our to do list. Though I am trying to keep away just little bit from my sweet tooth and unhealthy eating habbits as  wedding bells ringing in our family this Christmas. Leaving space for the amazing and yummilicious wedding food. Haha.

All our Delhi friends and the ones visiting Delhi ,this ones for you all. The Sangam courtyard ,has been known for its sangam movie hall has come around pretty well. The movie hall itself got this new and clean look that we have already enjoyed couple of movies out there. But this complex has much more to offer now in terms of food. Quite a number of restaurants have opened up,few being chains of restaurants  already around Delhi and few are young and new. So as you must have guessed we are here to share our take on one amongst the new ones called The fatty bao.

This much visited and quiet talked about place in town needs to be savoured and enjoyed. The cheerful ambience at the fourth floor, roof top with the Chinese décor has something about it. The catchy part about the ambience is their use of cute pretty decorations and lighting. The panda painted wall with fancy  butterflies and grasshoppers decorated on the lights are different from usual but at the same time nice and lively. The seats by the window are our favourite places to tingle our taste buds.


Coming down to What we had: Their closed buns- Shengjian Bao, filled with spicy cottage cheese and spring onion are simply to die for. Your feel great biting these little savoury and steamy  buns. They are a must have. We remember calling these four times as one portion consists of only four. If you are a big foodie like us you wont mind having a plate alone 😉 These baos stand up to the their name.


Then came their chilli little potatoes. If you are a potato lover , I bet not bigger than Sakshi though 😉 you will love these. These mini meal mini potatoes are well balanced with the spices. With little on spicier side they are a win win too. Then we ordered are favourite things to eat out.


Minced vegetable and water chestnut Dimsums. Nice and light ,they are good to go. Then what struck us in the menu was Gyoza, filled with spinach,bok choy and corn are the only option for vegetarian but tasteful and healthy.


Being sushi lovers we called for their rainbow vegetable roll. This is a must have. On our visit with family my Dad in law specially liked the sushi and mentioned that it is good to see more of vegetables than rice unlike at other places. This colourful platter can surely keep your eyes and palate happy.

Then come their open Bows. Amongst veg options the one those stood out for us were the ones with eggplant. Though fried but flavourful. After all this we couldn’t resist from ordering the Red Thai curry. Its as tempting as it looks 🙂


Do we recommend– Yes we do. A little pricey but good food and ambience will surely make up for it and leave you satiating. The veg options are limited comparatively but nicer and tastier veggie friends. So don’t worry and go chill with your friends and family.

The fatty bao

Sangam Courtyard, R.K Puram

Sector 9, New Delhi


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