Hello peeps!! Hope all are doing great! So here we are to bring in the New Year 2018 in style 🙂
Guess what? We were invited by JW Marriott at the inaugural of their new set up called Playground! We were delighted to accept the offer and it’s our pleasure to write  a review for them!
Playground boasts of its main elements – New York inspired Street Art by Delhi Street Art, Eclectic Music, Small Plates Menu, city’s most chic speakeasy space which is accessible by invitation only, classic cocktails, full leather loungers designed by Timothy Oulton
& The Food Truck, Playground offers unforgettable experiences to its guests.
The space is apt for day time meetings and by the evening you can unwind with over 40 brands of fine crafted beers and our signature cocktails curated especially by our Expatriate Mixologist from Tel Aviv, Tzvika Furman.
Coming on to the most exciting part “ The Brunch.” They has curated a special menu including their signature dishes and it was just wow. Though we are vegetarian and could not try most of the dishes but our friends were really praising everything. They got everything on the menu one after the other.
The very first thing on the table was the Artisinal Burrata! It was an amazing dish and presented just beautifully.
Balik Salmon was the next wonderful dish on our table! We can just say that it looked beautiful and tempting, got some amazing reviews from our counterparts. It was a clean plate within seconds.You need to visit and try this dish.
Tapas succeeded quickly and it looked satiating. The mushrooms on the cibatta were full of flavours with the perfect amount of truffle oil. Not a big fan of mushrooms but this was appetising.

Gambas Al Ajillo was next on the menu. As tricky as the name is but the dish looked simple with pink prawns.
We would get excited seeing a vegetarian dish coming our way. This time it was the Falafal Sliders. They were camouflaged as  mini burgers but a creative way of presenting a kind of mezze platter. My mouth is all watery as am writing about it. It’s a must try dish on the menu. Loved the chickpea cake and the Lebanese salad.
Coolers of course were a part of our appetising meal. Here’s a glimpse. We could give away the names easily but why not leave it for you guys to guess. Also better plan a visit to try them on. They were quite refreshing and fitting in perfect welcoming the summer season.
Then came the purple potato croquetas. Unfortunately the last vegetarian dish on the menu. These were exciting by the name but fine to taste. We would have loved a little more flavour in them but over all decent. But what stood out for us was the yogurt tahini dip that came on the side.
All in all a good experience. I fell for the food while Parul couldn’t stop admiring the ambience. Also the hospitality is definitely pulling us to visit them again soon and we believe you should too.
Until next time we leave you with as they say
                                     The world is your
                                        is your world 😉
Sakshi n Parul

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