Celebrating Womanhood, Girl Power, Life, Aspirations – Yummy treat is on the way :)


Hey guys don’t wait, just play it !!!

This International Women’s Day ie 8th of March 2018 Parul launched her first music video sharing a beautiful message as you all must have seen by now. I feel so proud and it is just wonderful. This post is truly a surprise for her. Of course we are connected via food here but as our bond stands old and strong now, It is my pleasure to share here. Also it truly celebrates Woman hood, Girl power like on 8th March each year, today, each day. More power to Us 😉

I am sure you all will love her this effort as much as I did and others are appreciating. The figures talks it all. If you like it please do subscribe to her channel and also spread the word.

And of course I won’t just leave you on that. To celebrate the same we are definitely coming up with something to satiate your sweet tooth 🙂 So until then enjoy the video and lets shout it out ” Life Has Started Now “. I am in love with the song.


Stay connected for a yummy treat coming your way!!!


Sakshi n Parul





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