Vanilla Mug Cake – Happy Father’s Day

He is brave, he is funny 

yet wise 

In his simplicity 

His honesty lies 

He is inspiring, he is humble

Corrects you when you fumble 

He guides you always

wants you to rise 

He acts all cool 

But carefully spies 

Spies to keep you on the right way

He may get troubled to keep you happy

But he wouldn’t ever say

Wants you to be smart and selfless 

He is the one 

Who takes you out of the mess 😉

He is a friend he is a guide 

It’s on his strong shoulders 

You would have had the best horse ride 😉

He considers responsibilities before his will 

His duties before his dreams 

He will not let go of his smile

No matter how tired he seems 

He is courageous but watchful 

Watchful so that you learn

Wisdom is what 

He wants you to earn 

He treats his daughter like a princess 

His son like a star 

He holds the family together 

And doesn’t let go anyone far

He is one- of -a-kind

Depth of his love is not easy to find 

He is our hero our Dad

Who truly rules our heart and mind 🙂

How’s it going foodies? We know the heat the killing but we never give up food :). That’s why we are “Missfoodies”. Our today’s blog is specially for the lovely fathers out there!! As I had mentioned in my last blog our latest addition (Parul’s daughter- our little Miss foodie) to the missfoodies family is turning 9 months and it’s her 1st Father’s Day! Wow!! That calls for a celebration, what say peeps!! It surely does. The relation between daughters and fathers is truly special and only daughters can make it out of this world. :). So you guessed it right. To make this day special we have a super easy cake recipe which even fathers can make for their kids and vice versa. :). But we don’t even want our fathers to be binge eating and get into that indulgence!! Well to satisfy their sweet tooth but to keep the portion size in check, we made this yummy and easy Vanilla Mug Cake! This little cake is moist, delicious and just perfect to satisfy those sweet jitters!!

You can top it up with just anything that you feel like. Be it gems, chocolate shavings, icing. It can be really creative and according to your wish! So go ahead scratch your brain make that best cake. All is takes it is just 90 seconds in the microwave and you will have a little mug o’ heaven :). One of the most important tips I can offer if you’re going to make this cake is to make sure that your mug is at least 14 ounces or it may “bubble” over while baking in the microwave. Watch that mug closely!! If you use a big enough mug there’s nothing to worry about. Our cake took up about 3/4 of the cup, which was perfect. So try on this easy peasy and the quickest cake recipe we have ever tried. And trust me it just comes out perfect. We couldn’t believe ourselves until we took the first bite! It was marvellous!

We did not add the icing because it was sweet enough without it but you can always pour some of it to make it more richer and creamier! So if you haven’t planned for ur daddy as yet, then go ahead and surprise him with this simple and quicky recipe! We leave you with the beautiful poem as you must have seen above written by Parul from our Princess’s side for her ‘My daddy strongest’.

So dont wait and start to bake 🙂 Have a great day!!!


Sakshi n Parul


Kit Kat Mousse Pie

6 months already!!! Woooohooo!! Our new member in the missfoodie family is growing up fast. Did I mention a new member, oh ya I forgot to introduce you all to our cutie patootie Nyra Batra. She is Parul’s daughter and maasi (that’s me) just admires her. So our today’s post is as yummylicious as our adorable little munchkin! Any guesses? It’s the Kit Kat Mousse Pie! Drooling over the name, you will surely fall in love with the recipe as well.

This one seems to be quite popular these days and it seemed like it was haunting us.Then what, we just had to try in our kitchen and thats what we did!!!! The result is right here with our little twist to make it easier for you all 🙂

This simple and a must try pie will make everybody go la la and you will surely feel on top of this world! It has a nice crunchy feel of the kit Kat chocolate filled with a gooey mouth melting texture of chocolate mousse. I know it sounds sensuous;). I am smitten by our cute little princess and this lip smacking pie:)

We got to rush as we have three naughty bundle of joys waiting for us while you enjoy this satiating treat 😉 Dig in 😉


Sakshi n Parul

Vegan Banana Bread


Hello friends. Hope you all doing good.  In case you wondering this looks like the previous post, hold on as today its my besties birthday 🙂 So after me its her. Welcome to the 30’s club baby. Oh did I mention ….lol… As much as I love surprises I know you too my dear. And I am sure you would be least expecting this post going live. A fatso that I have become, difficult to manage work in kitchen. But those extra cravings made me do it ,I guess.


Friends what we have on the menu today is surely interesting, easy and tasty with simple ingredients readily available in your kitchen.  Its one of favourites. Being a bread lover , this recipe is surely for keeps . The two ingredients that majorly contribute to the texture are bananas and oil.


As we always believe in eating and baking healthy this ones made of whole wheat flour with barely any extra sugar. This will be best served for your tea time. Lets get going 🙂


4 medium sized ripe or over ripe bananas.

1.5 cups whole wheat flour

1/2 cup vegetable oil

1/2 cup brown sugar or normal granulated sugar

1/2 tsp vanilla extract

1 tsp cinnamon powder

1/2 tsp nutmeg powder

1 n 1/2 tsp baking powder

1/2 tsp baking soda




1)Preheat the oven to 180 degrees.

2)Grease a cake tin or rectangular cake pan with oil.

3)Take sliced banana and sugar in a mixing bowl.

4)Mash the banana well or puree them with help of a hand blender.

5)Now add oil, vanilla extract, cinnamon and nutmeg powder to the banana and mix well.

6)Sieve the flour with baking soda and powder in the bowl containing mashed bananas.

7)Fold the sieved flour really well.

8)Pour the bread mixture in the loaf pan.

9)Bake at 180 degrees for 30-40 minutes or till a tooth pick inserted in the bread comes out clean.

10)Once baked remove the bread from the pan.

11)Serve yummy banana bread warm.



We hope you will love this quick baking in your kitchen. Without any hassle and no time. As you enjoy this with your tea time, we go all out to party, after all

Its her Birthday, I am excited

Its her Birthday and I am super excited 🙂



Parul n Sakshi


Happy Birthday Miss Foodies- 3rd it is – Vanilla cupcakes with chocolate icing (Egg less)


pic 6

The journey from Ok to Better to Nice to Awesome, Fabulous, Marvellous and now ” 3 years of Miss Foodies”…… has been what we call ? Legend – ‘ wait for it ‘ – Dary. Legendary!!! It has been overwhelming and still continues to be……..


So here we are foodie friends adding another memorable year to our kitty. It gives us immense pleasure to share this post today. In fact it feels so good to be just three somewhere, because in real an amazing o is just going to add up to this 😉 But that indeed is going to call out for celebrations. We just need a reason to party, dont we? Also party means more and more delicious, yummilicious food to satiate out tummy’s.


On this special occasion we have got for you some legendary vanilla cup cakes which will leave you satiated and tempt for some more. They are easy, quick and perfect for party times. So tickle your taste buds this summer with these yummilicious vanilla cup cakes. And of course because no celebration is complete without chocolate we have got for you just the perfect icing to drool over and make these tiny cups look more attractive 😉 And let us tell you, they are as fresh as is this post.Its the birthday post almost live from our kitchen. So guys dont wait and get started:

b1 new



b2 new

b3 new

These mini cupcakes will surely add up to your quick recipes making your parties, lunches and dinners look more attractive. These mini devils are to die for. We had three each at one go 😉 Lets see how much can you guys resist.

Its our birthday and we are super duper excited and partying. Signing off for now.

Keep celebrating


Parul n Sakshi

Orange Marmalade Cake


Hi friends. Hope you all doing good. We are doing more than fine specially because of this post.
We always try sharing best of recipes and all . But before we share we get to eat them till last bite while working hard in our kitchen. Well that’s our fruit for hard work. But honestly there’s no doubt about how much we love eating but the happiness doubles after sharing it with you all. Cooking and baking both are all about experimenting and we oh so love it, specially when the end result is soooo yummy that it leaves you satiated. Also it is way above satisfaction when your loved ones are bowled over by your culinary creations 🙂
How many of you like marmalade. Well I am assuming most of us because Sakshi n I oh so love it. Be it in breakfast with bread or as kids like it topped on paranthas. Oh and we love it the most in our cake . Yessss marmalade cake. You heard us right. It always comes out clean and yummylicious.



Now isn’t that tempting. Trust us this ones one of the favourites amongst our family members. My sis in law who is so so adorable drools over this cake of mine ever since I baked it after wedding. Now isn’t that what you really want. People loving your culinary creations. The excitement doubles the amount of effort and the end result is right here. Let’s gets started:




NOTE – This goes great with almond flakes. You can add almonds as told in the procedure OR if you wish the almonds to show up on your cake put them after half time. Once you see the cake has risen to a good level open the oven and quickly spread the almonds over the cake. But make sure you do not take too long in the process.

This easy and delicious cake is always a hit. Away from usual chocolate, this is light fluffy n moist. Goes superb at you tea time invites or otherwise. Try it for sure because we bet you will love it .


Keep Baking  🙂


Sakshi n Parul

The Grub Fest


Hurry up foodies . I m sure you all know what this post is all about. So specially all the Delhi foodie friends and also those who are co incidentally holidaying in Delhi at this time it’s rush hour ….. To the grub fest … No wonder like all other things these food fiesta are becoming a trend in Delhi but as food doesn’t hurt who minds it right . Getting so many cuisines under one shed is all a foodie needs.

So we were there too last evening with our very own Tdfc group. The Delhi foodie group and it was lot of fun. As a food gang we laughed, enjoyed and  caught attention for all the reasons and of course ate ate and ate. Let me quickly take you through our walk at the food fiesta:



After looking around and settling our minds with where to start from, we landed at EN- The Japenese restaurant. Their well done sushi gave us all the reasons to relish and order more. The veg sushi was perfect and imagine was loved by the non veggie friends too. Oh yes how can i miss… I was the only hardcore vegetarian amongst the bunch of carnivores, but see for your self as you read along how well I survived.



Standing up to my vegetarianism guess where I made all of them stop. GHAAS PHOOS- Veg with an edge. This one really raises your eye and is a must stop for food lovers. Everything here is meat and dairy free. I took their veg platter to try all of it at once 😉 It includes the Chubby cheek – smoky galauti kebab sandwitched between soft kulchaas, Chilly bowl- their house chillie served with jalapeno rice and nachos, Chocolate wont-tons – crispy pastry filled with gooey goodness of dark chocolate. All of them together made a perfect combo with an extra point to their chubby cheek, it was to die for. I dint really expect the carnivore partners to have much but to my surprise they hogged it all.



Then came the NYC-PIE. Friends their veg pizza is a must have. This stood out majorly because of the statement from one of the non veggies side “The veg pizza is better than the pepperoni”  The non veggie foodies happily agreed to disagree but could not resist trying it. It was a perfect combo of veggies, thin crust base and the magic of spicy sauce which made it stood out of all the pizzas I have had so far. Man i was loving all the attention to myself and to the vegetarian food. Hahaha. Not that I m biased but it was maddening to see hard core non veggies hogging on veg 😉 I couldn’t believe the sight.




Then the walk in attempt to digest lead us to Guilty Pleasures. These sinful jars full of different flavours stop you by their side. The one stood out for me was their Deconstructed Opera…. Yum… These can be finished there or packed for home . You certainly will end up fighting up for space in your tummy to have it all 🙂 If you love the sinful combination of chocolate and coffee, this is it.They are part of Nawabi- will help you locate them better and take away some sinful guilts.



Hmmm… well wll well… the next stop was quiet a stop.. SMOKEYS. We chilled here with individual drinks and food for all…. Hahaha…. No that means that one order led to the other and everyone had their individual dish to finish. The carnivores got glued to their big daddy, super boy, mammas boy… while I choose the Curried vegetable burger….. The burger buns are huge and loaded with patty on to inside. The food here is delicious, satiating for tummy and value for money.

For these to fio to town hall to zambar to shiv sagar to many many more…. people rush like I have rushed writing this one for you all. You still have two days to tickle your taste buds and giving your tummys the best. Go for it.

The Grub Fest @ Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium : April 3rd,4th,5th 2015


Parul n Sakshi

No Bake Nutella Cheese Cake

I DONT NEED A VALENTINE, I NEED VALENTINO 😉 So how many of us girl’s agree. Almost all, may be, lol .


7 Hi friends, here’s wishing you all a very Happy Valentine’s Day. As the day is special so has to be our post. What we have in store for you all today is a super easy, yummy, chocolaty, and sinful No Bake Nutella Cheesecake recipe.

This No Bake Nutella Cheesecake is another dessert recipe which is very easy to make, and the kinds where sometimes, you have to indulge and forget about dieting, calories, fat, and just dig in and enjoy a slice or two, or three slices of this decadent cheesecake. To sum that up we believe “eat first think later.” Food, especially desserts are meant to be made, enticed, and then consumed by your bellies, so forget about your waistline, just dig in and enjoy.

5This one is oh so perfect for the occasion and also for the beginner cooks. It will have your loved ones coming back for more for sure. And girls it might just be perfect to get you Valentino from your Valentine 😉

Friends what we love about this recipe is its simplicity. You can add a lot of things be it nuts, few more layers or… but we love it the way it is. Plain nutella, cheese, sugar, butter…. simple yet so delicious. We believe there are things you may not need to add too much to. But yes add your love this valentines along with minimal ingredients and then enjoy this decadent dessert with your loved ones. Also as you will see this one is hassle free as contains no eggs and no gelatin, Nutella helps it set perfectly.

Come let’s dig into this awesomeness: All you need is:

ingre nutella

combine final

proce nutella


Love is a feeling

that cannot be defined

it rules your heart and sometimes mind

the deepness of its care

is not easy to find

love is madness yet to be abide

love is in innocence, its in pride

True Love is just

Heaven by your side…………

On that note friends, wish you all a very Happy Valentines Day. Keep loving and stay connected.


Parul n Sakshi