Celebrating Womanhood, Girl Power, Life, Aspirations – Yummy treat is on the way :)


Hey guys don’t wait, just play it !!!

This International Women’s Day ie 8th of March 2018 Parul launched her first music video sharing a beautiful message as you all must have seen by now. I feel so proud and it is just wonderful. This post is truly a surprise for her. Of course we are connected via food here but as our bond stands old and strong now, It is my pleasure to share here. Also it truly celebrates Woman hood, Girl power like on 8th March each year, today, each day. More power to Us 😉

I am sure you all will love her this effort as much as I did and others are appreciating. The figures talks it all. If you like it please do subscribe to her channel and also spread the word.

And of course I won’t just leave you on that. To celebrate the same we are definitely coming up with something to satiate your sweet tooth 🙂 So until then enjoy the video and lets shout it out ” Life Has Started Now “. I am in love with the song.


Stay connected for a yummy treat coming your way!!!


Sakshi n Parul





GUJIA: Happy Holi

Holi hai

To start with don’t forget to go through our Granny’s legendary tips: https://www.facebook.com/missfoodies101/posts/922526927863506

We are sure they will help in playing a colourful and safe Holi 🙂

What we have on our menu today is a must have and super famous dish around this festival. As our naughty munchkins are growing big, they are getting even stronger taste buds. So we need to treat them with the most called for sweet on Holi. Gujia 🙂

For those who don’t know much about it , here’s a brief:
Gujia is a sweet dumpling made with suji or Maida flour wheat flour and stuffed with khoya. It is common in southern regions of Asia Pakistan, Bangladesh and India.
The packaging of a gujia is very much like that of a samosa, however the gujia has a very distinct shape. The gujhia is filled with a mixture of grated and roasted dry fruits, khoya, coconuts and to add a grainy texture, a little suji (coarse ground wheat flour or semolina).

Now today’s dish is definitely close to our hearts as it comes straight from the kitchen of our mommies and grandmommies. Not just the recipe but also with all their love and warmth. Sakshi made sure that her mom and grand Mom is on the task while we move around to get you these beautiful clicks 😉

So we seem to be drooling over these and so do our kids. While we dive into the ocean of gujias this Holi you take a look on this yummy recipe straight from our Mom’s kitchen 😀

For the Dough:
1kg Refined flour
200g Refined oil
For the filling:
1/2 kg Khoya
400g powdered sugar
50g Chironji
100g Melon seeds
100g grated coconut
Making gujia pastry:
  1. Take the all purpose flour in a bowl.
  2. Heat ghee in a small pan or bowl. Pour the ghee on the flours.
  3. Rub the ghee with the flours, with your fingertips to form a bread crumb like texture.
  4. Then add water in parts and begin to knead. The amount of water needed will depend on the quality and texture of the flour.
  5. Knead the dough till firm. cover the dough with a moist cloth and keep aside for 30 minutes.
Making gujia stuffing:
  1. Crumble and grate the khoya/mawa.
  2. Put a pan in low flame and add the crumbled or grated khoya.
  3. Stir the khoya continuously on a low heat.
  4. cook the khoya, till it begins to gather around itself. Switch off the flame and keep the pan down. Let the khoya stuffing cool down completely.
  5. Then add powdered sugar, grated coconut, melon seeds and Chironji seeds. Better to seive the powdered sugar if there are lumps.
  6. Mix everything well and keep the stuffing aside. Check the taste and add more sugar if you prefer.
Assembling and Making gujia:
  1. Divide the dough into two parts.
  2. Make a medium log of each part and slice it into equal parts.
  3. Roll each part in your palms to make balls and place all the balls in the same bowl. Cover with a moist kitchen towel.
  4. Roll each ball with the rolling pin to a small circle having 4 to 5 inches diameter.
  5. With your fingertip, apply water all over the circumference edge.
  6. Place about 1 tbsp or 1.5 tbsp of the khoya filling on one side of the circle, keeping edges empty. Don’t add too much of stuffing as then its difficult to shape them and the gujiya may break in the oil.
  7. Carefully, bring together both the edges and join. gently press the edges.
  8. It is best to make pleated design at the edges. This way the stuffing does not come out while frying and the gujias look good too. Just keep on folding and twisting the edges till the end.
  9. Prepare gujias this way and arrange them on a plate or tray. cover the guijyas with a moist napkin so that the dough does not dry out.
  1. Heat oil for deep frying in a kadai or pan.
  2. First test the temperature of oil, before frying. Add a small piece of the dough in the oil. If the dough comes up gradually, then the oil is ready. If the dough sits at the bottom, the oil is still cold. If the piece of dough comes up briskly and quickly, the oil is too hot.
  3. Gently slide the gujiyas in oil. Just add a few pieces and don’t overcrowd at a time depending on the size of the pan/kadai, you can fry 4 to 5 gujias at a time.
  4. Turn them over carefully as fry the other side. Deep fry till the gujias have become golden.
  5. Drain on kitchen paper tissues. Fry mawa gujias this way and once they are cooled completely, store them in an air-tight box.

Happy Holi friends. May you have a colorful and foodie Holi 🙂


Parul n Sakshi


Hello peeps!! Hope all are doing great! So here we are to bring in the New Year 2018 in style 🙂
Guess what? We were invited by JW Marriott at the inaugural of their new set up called Playground! We were delighted to accept the offer and it’s our pleasure to write  a review for them!
Playground boasts of its main elements – New York inspired Street Art by Delhi Street Art, Eclectic Music, Small Plates Menu, city’s most chic speakeasy space which is accessible by invitation only, classic cocktails, full leather loungers designed by Timothy Oulton
& The Food Truck, Playground offers unforgettable experiences to its guests.
The space is apt for day time meetings and by the evening you can unwind with over 40 brands of fine crafted beers and our signature cocktails curated especially by our Expatriate Mixologist from Tel Aviv, Tzvika Furman.
Coming on to the most exciting part “ The Brunch.” They has curated a special menu including their signature dishes and it was just wow. Though we are vegetarian and could not try most of the dishes but our friends were really praising everything. They got everything on the menu one after the other.
The very first thing on the table was the Artisinal Burrata! It was an amazing dish and presented just beautifully.
Balik Salmon was the next wonderful dish on our table! We can just say that it looked beautiful and tempting, got some amazing reviews from our counterparts. It was a clean plate within seconds.You need to visit and try this dish.
Tapas succeeded quickly and it looked satiating. The mushrooms on the cibatta were full of flavours with the perfect amount of truffle oil. Not a big fan of mushrooms but this was appetising.

Gambas Al Ajillo was next on the menu. As tricky as the name is but the dish looked simple with pink prawns.
We would get excited seeing a vegetarian dish coming our way. This time it was the Falafal Sliders. They were camouflaged as  mini burgers but a creative way of presenting a kind of mezze platter. My mouth is all watery as am writing about it. It’s a must try dish on the menu. Loved the chickpea cake and the Lebanese salad.
Coolers of course were a part of our appetising meal. Here’s a glimpse. We could give away the names easily but why not leave it for you guys to guess. Also better plan a visit to try them on. They were quite refreshing and fitting in perfect welcoming the summer season.
Then came the purple potato croquetas. Unfortunately the last vegetarian dish on the menu. These were exciting by the name but fine to taste. We would have loved a little more flavour in them but over all decent. But what stood out for us was the yogurt tahini dip that came on the side.
All in all a good experience. I fell for the food while Parul couldn’t stop admiring the ambience. Also the hospitality is definitely pulling us to visit them again soon and we believe you should too.
Until next time we leave you with as they say
                                     The world is your
                                        is your world 😉
Sakshi n Parul

Pan dulce :) Feliz Navidad

Merry Christmas friends. This post is pretty special as the recipe comes from our very own kitchen from our very own cook chef named Suresh. Yes friends Parul is super lucky to have a great and hard working  cook chef who cooks some delicious food like everyday. No wonder it is getting harder for her to loose weight, lol. Before she gets on to me let me introduce you to this yummy dish. Parul has named it as Pan dulce which simply means sweet bread. The dish is pretty simple but i love the fancy name touch to it. It can be made easily from ingredients left out in your kitchen, yet delicious and satiating.

As we always say Christmas is all about spreading love and joy. All about being a santa for someone. We hereby thank cook chef Suresh and many others who be a santa for us in their own way. Also we should learn and be a santa for someone in need and spread love and happiness. We dedicate this post to him and here we present to you the Cook Chef Suresh himself with his quick and yummy recipe straight from his kitchen:

We bet your guests will call out for more. Kids will love it and you can get it all ready in no time. Perfect for a festive season when you get all busy and yet need some delicious and super quick cooking ideas.

Wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy new year 🙂  May the New Year bring in some more food food and food 😉 Story of our lives!!!


Parul n Sakshi

POPSICLES :) Watermelon & Kiwi , Yoghurt Choco chip

Look who’s turning 1. Our youngest mussfoodie family memeber and the cutest one indeed. Yes you guessed it, it’s Nyra’s 1st birthday and we are super duper freaked out!! Time just flies.

So for our special member we have something very special. All the kids enjoy them in all shapes and sizes. Yes you all guessed it, it is called the Popsicles!! Yummm..!! And the icing on the cake is that these are the healthier ones.. So let your kids just indulge in these colourful yet healthy home made lollies..

So on today’s menu we have three different types of popsicles for you!! They are just amazing and you don’t even have to count the calories you have consumed!! These are free calories and yet a perfect mood lifter..
So first is the watermelon popsicle.. It is the easiest and yet so satiating!! The red colour of it just attracts everyone and specially our kiddos!! Mommies don’t get stressed and let you kids have fun with these beautiful popsicles..

Next on our blog are the kiwi popsicles!! Let your kids call their friends for a day spend and boast about what their mommy is cooking!! These are tangy popsicle!! And we just love them!!

Yet another one is called Yoghurt choco chip popsicle!! Doesn’t that sound interesting!! It is indeed delicious as well!! You can do any amount of variations with this one!! Add a layer of granolas and another layer of banana to it, and it can be a perfect Sunday breakfast!!

So quickly look out for the super easy recipes below:


5 cups watermelon, puréed
5 medium kiwis, peeled and sliced

Place all the watermelon in the blender and process until smooth. Place kiwi slices in the mold and fill popsicles well with the watermelon juice. Insert popsicles stick and let it freeze until solid.
If the watermelon is not at its peak and lacking some sweetness, add powdered sugar at the time until preferred sweetness is achieved.

Just be creative and make as many different popsicles as you can.
We added grated coconut to watermelon juice and then put it for freezing.
You can add chopped pieces of watermelon/ kiwi.

Kiwi popsicles

6 Kiwi, peeled and puréed
1/2 cup Coconut water
Sugar as per requirement

Purée the kiwis in a blender and add the coconut water to get the desired consistency. Do not make it too watery.
Add powdered sugar as per the taste.
Fill the molds with the purée and refrigerate it overnight.

You can also add chopped kiwis/ watermelon to the kiwi purée.


4 cup yoghurt ( vanilla, coffee)
Mini choco chips

Divide the yogurt among 8 5 ounce molds. Sprinkle with chocolate chips. Cover each mold with a piece of foil, sealing the edges. Make a small slit in the centre of the foil and insert a wooden freezer pop stick. Freeze for at least 8 hours and upto 3 days. Put the mold under running water to take out the popsicle.

To make chocolate hazelnut yogurt, stir Nutella into vanilla yogurt.
Partially fill the mold with one type of yogurt and freeze for 30 mins. Add additional layer freezing for 30 mins each.

With that we will bid adieu until next time!! Lots of preparations and celebration for the birthday!! Lots of love and good health and a long life to our cutest princess Nyra!! Wish her all the luck in life!!


Sakshi n Parul

Vanilla Mug Cake – Happy Father’s Day

He is brave, he is funny 

yet wise 

In his simplicity 

His honesty lies 

He is inspiring, he is humble

Corrects you when you fumble 

He guides you always

wants you to rise 

He acts all cool 

But carefully spies 

Spies to keep you on the right way

He may get troubled to keep you happy

But he wouldn’t ever say

Wants you to be smart and selfless 

He is the one 

Who takes you out of the mess 😉

He is a friend he is a guide 

It’s on his strong shoulders 

You would have had the best horse ride 😉

He considers responsibilities before his will 

His duties before his dreams 

He will not let go of his smile

No matter how tired he seems 

He is courageous but watchful 

Watchful so that you learn

Wisdom is what 

He wants you to earn 

He treats his daughter like a princess 

His son like a star 

He holds the family together 

And doesn’t let go anyone far

He is one- of -a-kind

Depth of his love is not easy to find 

He is our hero our Dad

Who truly rules our heart and mind 🙂

How’s it going foodies? We know the heat the killing but we never give up food :). That’s why we are “Missfoodies”. Our today’s blog is specially for the lovely fathers out there!! As I had mentioned in my last blog our latest addition (Parul’s daughter- our little Miss foodie) to the missfoodies family is turning 9 months and it’s her 1st Father’s Day! Wow!! That calls for a celebration, what say peeps!! It surely does. The relation between daughters and fathers is truly special and only daughters can make it out of this world. :). So you guessed it right. To make this day special we have a super easy cake recipe which even fathers can make for their kids and vice versa. :). But we don’t even want our fathers to be binge eating and get into that indulgence!! Well to satisfy their sweet tooth but to keep the portion size in check, we made this yummy and easy Vanilla Mug Cake! This little cake is moist, delicious and just perfect to satisfy those sweet jitters!!

You can top it up with just anything that you feel like. Be it gems, chocolate shavings, icing. It can be really creative and according to your wish! So go ahead scratch your brain make that best cake. All is takes it is just 90 seconds in the microwave and you will have a little mug o’ heaven :). One of the most important tips I can offer if you’re going to make this cake is to make sure that your mug is at least 14 ounces or it may “bubble” over while baking in the microwave. Watch that mug closely!! If you use a big enough mug there’s nothing to worry about. Our cake took up about 3/4 of the cup, which was perfect. So try on this easy peasy and the quickest cake recipe we have ever tried. And trust me it just comes out perfect. We couldn’t believe ourselves until we took the first bite! It was marvellous!

We did not add the icing because it was sweet enough without it but you can always pour some of it to make it more richer and creamier! So if you haven’t planned for ur daddy as yet, then go ahead and surprise him with this simple and quicky recipe! We leave you with the beautiful poem as you must have seen above written by Parul from our Princess’s side for her ‘My daddy strongest’.

So dont wait and start to bake 🙂 Have a great day!!!


Sakshi n Parul

Kit Kat Mousse Pie

6 months already!!! Woooohooo!! Our new member in the missfoodie family is growing up fast. Did I mention a new member, oh ya I forgot to introduce you all to our cutie patootie Nyra Batra. She is Parul’s daughter and maasi (that’s me) just admires her. So our today’s post is as yummylicious as our adorable little munchkin! Any guesses? It’s the Kit Kat Mousse Pie! Drooling over the name, you will surely fall in love with the recipe as well.

This one seems to be quite popular these days and it seemed like it was haunting us.Then what, we just had to try in our kitchen and thats what we did!!!! The result is right here with our little twist to make it easier for you all 🙂

This simple and a must try pie will make everybody go la la and you will surely feel on top of this world! It has a nice crunchy feel of the kit Kat chocolate filled with a gooey mouth melting texture of chocolate mousse. I know it sounds sensuous;). I am smitten by our cute little princess and this lip smacking pie:)

We got to rush as we have three naughty bundle of joys waiting for us while you enjoy this satiating treat 😉 Dig in 😉


Sakshi n Parul