POPSICLES :) Watermelon & Kiwi , Yoghurt Choco chip

Look who’s turning 1. Our youngest mussfoodie family memeber and the cutest one indeed. Yes you guessed it, it’s Nyra’s 1st birthday and we are super duper freaked out!! Time just flies.

So for our special member we have something very special. All the kids enjoy them in all shapes and sizes. Yes you all guessed it, it is called the Popsicles!! Yummm..!! And the icing on the cake is that these are the healthier ones.. So let your kids just indulge in these colourful yet healthy home made lollies..

So on today’s menu we have three different types of popsicles for you!! They are just amazing and you don’t even have to count the calories you have consumed!! These are free calories and yet a perfect mood lifter..
So first is the watermelon popsicle.. It is the easiest and yet so satiating!! The red colour of it just attracts everyone and specially our kiddos!! Mommies don’t get stressed and let you kids have fun with these beautiful popsicles..

Next on our blog are the kiwi popsicles!! Let your kids call their friends for a day spend and boast about what their mommy is cooking!! These are tangy popsicle!! And we just love them!!

Yet another one is called Yoghurt choco chip popsicle!! Doesn’t that sound interesting!! It is indeed delicious as well!! You can do any amount of variations with this one!! Add a layer of granolas and another layer of banana to it, and it can be a perfect Sunday breakfast!!

So quickly look out for the super easy recipes below:


5 cups watermelon, puréed
5 medium kiwis, peeled and sliced

Place all the watermelon in the blender and process until smooth. Place kiwi slices in the mold and fill popsicles well with the watermelon juice. Insert popsicles stick and let it freeze until solid.
If the watermelon is not at its peak and lacking some sweetness, add powdered sugar at the time until preferred sweetness is achieved.

Just be creative and make as many different popsicles as you can.
We added grated coconut to watermelon juice and then put it for freezing.
You can add chopped pieces of watermelon/ kiwi.

Kiwi popsicles

6 Kiwi, peeled and puréed
1/2 cup Coconut water
Sugar as per requirement

Purée the kiwis in a blender and add the coconut water to get the desired consistency. Do not make it too watery.
Add powdered sugar as per the taste.
Fill the molds with the purée and refrigerate it overnight.

You can also add chopped kiwis/ watermelon to the kiwi purée.


4 cup yoghurt ( vanilla, coffee)
Mini choco chips

Divide the yogurt among 8 5 ounce molds. Sprinkle with chocolate chips. Cover each mold with a piece of foil, sealing the edges. Make a small slit in the centre of the foil and insert a wooden freezer pop stick. Freeze for at least 8 hours and upto 3 days. Put the mold under running water to take out the popsicle.

To make chocolate hazelnut yogurt, stir Nutella into vanilla yogurt.
Partially fill the mold with one type of yogurt and freeze for 30 mins. Add additional layer freezing for 30 mins each.

With that we will bid adieu until next time!! Lots of preparations and celebration for the birthday!! Lots of love and good health and a long life to our cutest princess Nyra!! Wish her all the luck in life!!


Sakshi n Parul


Granola Bars


           Its her Birthday, I am excited

                                               Its her Birthday and I am super excited……yeaaaaaahhhhhhhhh

Hi friends. So here we are. Keeping bit busy with lot of things. But this one is specially for mi chica Parul. Happy happy Birthday sweetheart. Oh its 30th 🙂 Oh I mentioned,lol. Dear I cant write long senti messages , thats more of your department,thanks in advance for baring with me as the post goes live. But its almost 20 years we have known each other and its a journey to be cherished. Life ahead will also be beautiful and we will make it memorable together. And i am even more excited to welcome the little part of you. And as I have to keep you healthy I have got these super healthy Granola Bars on the menu.


These are easy quick crunchy and super healthy. They sound best for the festive season also coming our way. So lets get going:


Dry ingredients: 2 1/2 cup regular oats

Quarter cup sweet flaked coconut

2 Tbsp brown sugar

Extras: Toasted almonds ,Toasted walnuts, Dried cherries ,Mini chocochips

Wet ingredients:

1/3 cup canola oil

1/3 cup honey

1 tsp vanilla extract



Preheat oven at 325 degrees. Prepare a 9X9″ square pan. Line it with parchment paper and grease it with butter. Set the pan aside. Take a bowl and mix the dry ingredients. Take a total of 1 cup of your choice of nuts/berries and mix in dry ingredients.Keep it aside. First put oil in a cup and put honey on top. It helps honey not to stick around the cup. Combine all ingredients together and put in a pan. Press it down into the pan and put it in the oven for 30 mins. Let it cool and take out from the tin and paper. Cut into bars and enjoy the healthy and crunchy bars.


So heres wishing you my bestie once again a very Happy Birthday. I am sure this will need a lot of editing so i leave it on you, The fastest and bestest I could write with my two naughty toddlers.But this special post is here to stay 🙂

Cheers friends!!! Hope you all enjoy these super easy Granola Bars and gift them out this festive season while we are ready to party. After all its Dirty Flirty Thirty 😉

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Sakshi n Parul

Review & Preview: Pancakes on the Rocks

Wake up Mommy’s 😉 Holidays are getting over and along with all the pending last minute homework which needs to be finished, getting up early in the morning will also need a little practice :). But in spite of all this, let us  not forget that the kids too deserve one last treat before getting back to their daily hectic schedules. And that’s the reason we have this super delicious Pancake Sundae on our menu today 🙂


Talking of this pancake sundae takes me back in time when I was on a holiday in Sydney with my hubby. I still remember after visiting Opera house and the long walk along Darling Harbor. The walk had made us really hungry and after filtering  out a couple of nearby eating joints, we discovered this amazing place called Pancakes on the Rocks 🙂 It had a waiting for half an hour. Despite the fact that we were starving, there was something about that place which made us wait and be hooked on to it 🙂 Open 24/7 Pancakes on the rocks was a historical establishment  which was decorated quite flamboyantly, with large open spaces on two levels, cushy red booths, comfortable wooden chairs and a colourful cartoonish painting of Ned Kelly splashed across one wall. Pancakes on the Rocks  was more than just a pancake house. You could stay there for the whole day, starting with a big breakfast of buttermilk pancakes with grilled banana and pineapple on the side, enjoy gourmet pizza, salads and a wide variety of delicious food for both veggies and non 🙂 The specialised kids menu offered much more than nuggets and chips, and there was even a range of merchandise  like caps, t-shirts and gift vouchers which was up for grabs. Considering  that pancakes were their specialty, we could see a lot of kids with their families gorging on the mouth watering pancakes. It is also  known to be quite a   popular lunch destination, so If you happen to go there, be prepared to fight for your table – unless you have already made a reservation 🙂  So after we finally grabbed a table for ourselves, what we saw on the menu were huge pancake meals  🙂 This place truly stood by its name. we decided and placed the order. Once the order was on the table, we digged our spoons deeper into the pancakes  with the hot chocolate with melting ice cream on top, and finally put the spoonful in our mouths 🙂 The pancakes were to die for 🙂 Also we had ordered for an ice cream soda along with a pizza and some wedges.  Trust me, everything was just perfect. The meal was delicious enough to get us back there again at least twice in three days of stay in Sydney 🙂 Though we both loved the pizza too and had a  perfect ice cream soda after ages but the Pancakes remained the highlight 🙂 So foodies ,specially those of you who have a sweet tooth 😉 or even if you don’t, this place is worth visiting whenever you happen to visit Sydney 🙂 For all the reasons of finding this place  a little too interesting ,we clicked a pic as a  part of our memory 🙂  have a look:

Parul @ Pancakes on the Rocks

So when Sakshi suggested me of how about sharing Pancakes on the menu for kids this time, this place and probably my pic with the pancake meal inspired us to prepare it in our kitchen and name it as Pancake Sundae  🙂


Whole wheat eggless buttermilk Pancakes- These are a very light and fluffy pancakes that require fresh buttermilk and have a soft crust. They have a light and spongy texture and their flavour only hints of the richness and the tanginess that the buttermilk offers. You begin to make these pancakes as you would prepare any regular pancake batter; by whisking together the flour, baking powder, baking soda, salt and sugar. Only instead of using milk ,you use buttermilk. The Buttermilk Pancakes taste really good with pure maple syrup, but we also like them with butter J when you make these buttermilk pancakes each ingredient has a purpose.

Flour contributes to the body structure.

Sugar is added to give pancakes a touch of sweetness, yet it also adds moisture and helps to give the pancakes their lovely golden brown colour.

Baking powder and baking soda provide leavening giving pancakes their light and airy texture.

Salt has the ability to bring out flavours of all ingredients.

Butter adds rich flavour and helps make pancakes tender.

And lastly Buttermilk which adds a thick and creamy texture with a tangy buttery flavour that makes these pancakes so tender, fluffy and soft.

They may be served at any time with a variety of toppings or fillings like  jam, fruit, syrup, fresh berries or chocolate chips. In America, they are typically considered to be a breakfast food. In Britain and the Commonwealth, they are associated with Shrove Tuesday, commonly known as Pancake Day, when perishable ingredients have to be used up before the fasting period of Lent began.

But for Foodies we believe there has to be no special occasion 🙂 these whole wheat eggless buttermilk pancakes make for an easy meal any time of day and in our kitchen they are served as Pancake sundae along with grilled bananas 🙂



Foodies we have to tell you that photographing these buttermilk pancakes that were all stacked and steamy and waiting for us to eat them was challenging. Every second we spent focussing on making them look pretty for you, we had to control our hunger, which was difficult 🙂 So, we hope the pictures do justice because in real they were just too good! They were extremely tasteful and the texture was fluffy and perfect.  We guess we just felt cruel keeping them from you 🙂 We served these with some maple syrup of course, some butter and of course our yummy grilled bananas. They were just a wonderful meal that we will be making many times again.  They really create that warm and fuzzy fall feeling in the house 🙂 We also made some chocolate and blueberry ones on the side, but yeah those didn’t even last until we started clicking them for you. Oops! 🙂 The only among the chocolate ones that remained are in the chocolate sundae platter 🙂 covered with sinful chocolate sauce and ice-cream with bananas on the side 🙂 Oh yes!!  thanks to Sakshi for being so quick as to click one for blueberry too, I guess when I was in middle of making it 🙂 So we do have a click for you for each type we created 🙂

Buttermilk Pancakes

So if you are tempted enough to have them yourself lets have a look at this quick and easy recipe 🙂

Ingredients Pancake


    • For chocolate pancakes just add 1Tbsp of cocoa powder to the above batter.
    • Increase the sugar content according to your taste.
    • For apple topping all you need is 1 Cup chopped apples, 1/4 Cup powdered sugar, 1/4 tsp cinnamon powder.
    • Combine the apples with 1/4 Cup water in a pan and boil. Simmer  for 5-7 minutes till the apples are soft.
    • Add cinnamon powder and sugar.



Serving Suggestions



Foodies this Pancake Sundae is our kids special but I m too eager to share that our plain whole wheat egg less buttermilk pancakes are my granny’s favourite too 🙂  If that comes as a surprise,  try them and surprise your granny by serving it to her along with the kids and in return surprise  yourself  seeing how much they will love it 🙂

So make your kids come drooling over the smell and texture of this Pancake Sundae  😉 and who knows the grannies too might get impressed 🙂 So something that goes well with kids and grannies both we believe is a must try 🙂


Sakshi n Parul