Happy Birthday Miss Foodies – Fantastic 4 – Mango Mousse

Hola!! We are going slow and steady on our blog these days as our bundle of joys keeping us really really busy 😉 But nevertheless guess what? It’s our 4th anniversary!! Wooohooo :). I still remember those initial days when we were posting our first blog and we had butterflies all over our stomach! How me and Parul waited for that one like for our blog! I had a sleepless night and Parul would be eating up my head as usual. Haha. Kidding!! But we were jumping the very next day when we saw likes increasing from 10 to 20 to 30 to 40 and so on! And we managed to get nearly 500 in our first year!! Kudos to us. Gosh I still get goosebumps remembering that. So for our Fantastic Fourth anniversary we have a very quick, simple and yummy recipe for all our followers.

It’s called the Mango Mousse. Its an eggless recipe and we have not even used gelatin for preparing it and yet it sets so perfectly as you can see!

Just a perfect treat for veggie lovers on hot day. I know the name mango in itself is so appetising in summers! This mango mousse is light creamy and heavenly with the gorgeous aroma and color of mango. #foodgasm# We have used grated chocolate as a topping but you can use dry fruits or any other innovative topping that you wish to put! And I can be so sure the you will try your hands on it even in this soaring heat. So let’s get going:)

Isn’t it the easiest recipe to satisfy your sweet tooth! It’s indeed on the top of our summer menu these days as it is the best thing to have for your perfect dinners. Serve in shot glasses and see your guests drooling over and enjoy the compliments.

So while we celebrate our grand four years of fun n food you try on this excellent and quick mousse 🙂


Sakshi n Parul


Kit Kat Mousse Pie

6 months already!!! Woooohooo!! Our new member in the missfoodie family is growing up fast. Did I mention a new member, oh ya I forgot to introduce you all to our cutie patootie Nyra Batra. She is Parul’s daughter and maasi (that’s me) just admires her. So our today’s post is as yummylicious as our adorable little munchkin! Any guesses? It’s the Kit Kat Mousse Pie! Drooling over the name, you will surely fall in love with the recipe as well.

This one seems to be quite popular these days and it seemed like it was haunting us.Then what, we just had to try in our kitchen and thats what we did!!!! The result is right here with our little twist to make it easier for you all 🙂

This simple and a must try pie will make everybody go la la and you will surely feel on top of this world! It has a nice crunchy feel of the kit Kat chocolate filled with a gooey mouth melting texture of chocolate mousse. I know it sounds sensuous;). I am smitten by our cute little princess and this lip smacking pie:)

We got to rush as we have three naughty bundle of joys waiting for us while you enjoy this satiating treat 😉 Dig in 😉


Sakshi n Parul

Chocolate Mousse

final 3
It is sharp 12 here in India. It better be,at least by my watch,else Parul will kill me 🙂 We wish you a big Happy Birthday “AB”.  God bless you with loads of happiness and a long life. Foodies if its getting hard for you to understand whose birthday it is,let me make it a little easy for you by revealing this little secret 🙂  Its AB’s birthday 🙂  formally known as Ankit Batra, and he is Our Blog Editor 🙂 He is smart, modest, loving, kind hearted and is the Whole and sole support system of Miss Foodies. The credit goes to him for making the blog look so beautiful 🙂 When in our initial days we were busy cooking and preparing good recipes for you, he was the one who took care of all the technical things. He has made this blog look so beautiful 🙂 We make sure he reviews every post before we publish it,just to make sure we haven’t made a mistake 🙂 He is Mr. Eagle eyes…no mistake goes uncaught when AB is reviewing. But……. Surprise.. Surprise!!!  Sorry AB, this is the first one we are doing all by ourselves. Hope we make no mistake 🙂 Hopefully, we have learnt well from you 😉 Foodies If we are the face of Miss Foodies ,our shy,quiet AB does all the hard work for us in the background 🙂 Not just this, he is a very good friend to me and  more importantly,Parul’s better half 🙂  She is lucky..I swear it!! 🙂
So now you would know why she would have killed me had I not posted this blog on time 🙂  While Cooking in our kitchen just few days back, we thought of cooking a surprise for him. Actually,a couple of them 🙂  I am sure he must already be enjoying one of surprises Parul planned for him; with his  family and friends. He would receive another one as this post goes live 🙂 But foodies…… Where I mentioned all great things about him, I forgot to tell you guys  that AB doesn’t like surprises. So it would be quite interesting for us to catch the look on his face when he is bombarded with not one but two of them!!  🙂 LoL…..
But truly we are just so happy to publish this post dedicating it to just that one person who works quietly behind the beautiful blog and makes it all easy for us. We have troubled him a lot but I guess it was worth the effort as we have already crossed the much coveted 500 mark in a matter of just  five months 🙂 Once again we say a huge Thank you  to AB for all that he has done for us 🙂 Cheers to you!!!
We wish you A big happy birthday and a great year ahead. Love you AB 🙂
final 8
So foodies since this post was so special ,the menu needed to be perfect too 🙂 So we bring you Eggless Chocolate Mousse 🙂 yummyyyy……. Parul and I are both fond of chocolate mousse. Its one of our favourite desserts. Our  beloved AB loves chocolate mousse too  but avoids it at a lot of places for a simple reason that it has egg in it 😦 So foodies we were all set to prepare a sinful chocolate mousse without egg specially for him 🙂 Something that he can absolutely indulge into without any second thoughts :)Forget egg ,we have made it pure and simple without even adding any gelatin to it……yet managed to make it so delicious 🙂
final 2
The Chocolate mousse is a perfect choice perfect set. It looks delicious and everyone gets their own serving , AB would love it for this reason, he hates to handle messy stuff. He prefers to have his own portion and you can make it a day in advance lets say in no time 🙂
Now that was very important for us. Foodies cooking surprises isn’t easy at all. We had to plan It quite smartly without AB getting any hint. And so it was way too difficult. So we decided to take this recipe to task – could it possibly be done in few minutes without the use of a microwave? Without gelatin? Because anything requiring gelatin needs to be kept aside for minimum two hours, at times overnight indeed for it to set properly. Also something that could be done with minimum ingredients. And foodies that is why we could not deck it up with any raspberries or strawberries. As it is, its not the right season for berries here in India and even if it could be arranged from our special stores, idea of doing with what we have sounded better 🙂 So we had to find out a way of making a real sinful and delicious mousse keeping all these conditions in mind. We were bit scared but….. when we were done away with it in say ten minutes(preparing time) and thirty minutes of refrigerating time… makes that forty, we went Voila 🙂 We were extremely happy with the end result. The perfect set mousse with just the right texture was to die for. Here’s a look at our end result 🙂
final 6

A mousse as we all know is a prepared food that incorporates air bubbles to give it a light and airy texture. It can range from light and fluffy to creamy and thick, depending on preparation techniques. A mousse may be sweet or savoury. Dessert mousses are typically made with whipped egg whites or whipped cream, and generally flavoured with chocolate or puréed fruit.

So foodies when you haven’t got time for overnight setting in the fridge or you don’t want to use raw eggs and gelatine this mousse is perfect. In fact, at all times, constraints or not, it is chocaliciously delicious 🙂

Chocoholics Beware. One spoonful of this Chocolate Mousse and you will be hooked forever. It is what you could call a grown up chocolate pudding. A simple yet elegant dessert. While it uses only a few ingredients, its chocolate flavor is rich and its texture is silky smooth, airy, almost foamy. And foamy is an apt description as “mousse” is French for ‘froth’ or ‘foam’

final 4

Now, there are chocolate mousse recipes that simply involve folding whipped cream into melted chocolate. Good, yes, but to make a sublime chocolate mousse with that lovely “mouth-feel”, you also need heavy whipped  cream. Since there are so few ingredients in a chocolate mousse, the chocolate you pick is very important. Use a good quality semi sweet or bittersweet chocolate that you enjoy eating out of hand. Our  personal preference is a semi sweet chocolate containing around 70% cocoa. When choosing a chocolate, always look for one that has a lovely shiny finish (a sign that the chocolate was cooked at the right temperature for the right amount of time) and one that has that wonderful ‘snap’ when you break it into pieces.

To make a classic chocolate mousse, start by melting chocolate with a little coffee if you like. Next whip heavy cream with a little vanilla extract and sugar until soft peaks form. Foodies just whip the heavy (whipping) cream nicely and gently but quickly fold the whipped cream into the melted chocolate that has been cooled to room temperature to have light and airy (foamy) quality to it.

This chocolate mousse can be used to fill cakes or tarts. But our favourite way to enjoy this dessert is to scoop it into wineglasses, parfait glasses, teacups, custard cups, pretty bowls or glasses 🙂 You can garnish with whipped cream, shaved chocolate, and/or fresh raspberries, strawberries. Always serve it after refrigerating for at least half an hour, the chilled and soft mousse is refreshing and melts in your mouth.

Also, have we mentioned how DEADLY DELICIOUS this is? We could eat about two spoonful’s before we were down for the count 😉 Foodies so let us warn you that this chocolate mousse is Highly Addictive, therefore Have it at your own risk 😉

But we know you may not believe in it till you try yourself and then it is going to be a new staple in your household like ours 🙂 Keep the ingredients on hand! The ultimate in portion control, a little pot of heaven 🙂

Foodies this mousse from our kitchen is as delicious as restaurant quality chocolate mousse. In fact better than that 😉 We bet 🙂 sounds too good to be true? Have a look yourself

chocolate mousse ingredients

chocolate mousse method

final process

This rich and decadent chocolate mousse is easy to make. This recipe is great for get together, potluck or serve it to please your guests. You can make it in advance and so need not worry about dessert part.

So foodies next when you are craving for something chocolaty try this, this will be just perfect 🙂

Now I got to go to join Parul for wishing our sweet AB a big happy birthday 🙂 Party is on!!! 😉 And all of you are more than welcome. The treats on Parul 😉


Sakshi n Parul

Banoffee Pie

friendship day
“Friendship is something that cannot be defined
It rules your heart and sometimes the mind
The deepness of its love care and affection
Is not easy to find”  🙂
Good creativity Parul!! This is what sakshi said when she first heard these lines. I said thanks to my best buddy sakshi 🙂  and asked her what was it that she adored in me all these years. She smiled and said, “Well… let me think……hmmmmm…… welllll…..you are honest and loving and kind and smart and you my dear are the perfect definition of a friend…I think I have flattered you enough already so I rest my care here.”
I was so touched!! even after being together for so many years,every time she says something so wonderful about me,it feels just the way it did when she first said it. Maybe that is how  special our friends are and how wonderful they can make us feel.
Now that I had had my share of the flattery..it was Sakshi’s turn to go “awhhhh” 🙂
I said.”I adore the fact that you are my best friend for years now…. I can share everything with you, ……  I remember those school days when we cheered and laughed together,took long walks of the school campus talking about anything and everything,  and how not only our classmates and friends but our teachers also knew about the truly wonderful friendship we shared 🙂 playing basketball with you in the same team, giggling and gossiping while talking about the stupid rumours that went around in school, partying at birthdays,all the fun sleepovers and pajama parties that we used to have……
You have been my adorable dodo for years now sakshi.. and I still remember the truly funny manner in which we used to cross the roads from where our school bus used to drop us…..oh god..Now that we are well versed in that,thinking about the way we used to do it back then was scary.” I had already started to laugh before I could complete the sentence.The whole image of it was flashing right in front of my eyes.
Sakshi screamed at me,”Noooooooooooooooo…………Parul…. don’t you say that .” and then burst out laughing.
Foodie friends,now that I have already mentioned about sakshi’s exceptional road crossing skills..let me elaborate it a little for you…. she always used to somehow manage get us in middle of the road and then seeing traffic coming with a bewildered expression on her face,she used to ask me,”should we cross it or not” as if we really had the option of staying there with the traffic speedily towards us. I remember how every time I use to hold her hand and run to the other side .Well, there is no more crossing of roads now as cars have become our feet . But I do miss them and sakshi’s innocence .Haha… it used to be so much fun 🙂 Also how can I forget those extra efforts I had to take to explain to my tubelight buddy the actual and most important part of gossip which she always used to misunderstand and after the hard work that I had to do of making her understand,I would get the Ohhs and the Aahs from her.Though it is not her fault… She is a bit slow 🙂 lol……..
 Foodies Sakshi is giving me those angry looks while reading what I have written above….But I am having a lot of fun and i don’t want to stop…… ” you know I love you” I said to her with a twinkle in the eye and smile on my face and she just smiled. Such memories take us back in the best time of our life 🙂 and truly she is one of the best things that happened to me.
she said,”Thanks Parul … But I need to return the favour now by saying some good things about you too…so my over-emotional,super hyper and over thinker darling buddy, you remember how you still used to eat my head over stupid stuff… u still very much do that!! and how my over emotional sissy baby used to shed valuable tears for small things…. Foodies for my best friend Parul everything had to be in excess… she just can’t be happy with the normal….. I can still go on if you want me to…”and looked at me waiting for me to answer
“Hehe 🙂 You have had enough practice and so I will  continue to bother you like that for years to come … “,I said.
She smiled and said,”and how i love it” 🙂
 Foodies the fact is that there is nothing like true friendship . We are lucky to have had each other around since childhood and that is how we became best buddies.
So foodie friends don’t  just keep waiting. Share your experiences of friendship on our wall this entire week. (facebook.com/missfoodies101)
Coming to what we have on our menu today. Well ,when the day is so special the dish has to be special too so we bring to you friendships day special,  Best friend pie 🙂 Banoffee pie 🙂 Foodies Are you a fan of banoffee pie?? or does it make your teeth ache just to think of it? It does that to us for sure 🙂
 This one is a classic, indulgent dessert which will make your mouth water. This pie is crunchy, sticky, creamy and full of flavour. Its  just too good 🙂
Though being foodies we have shared lot of cuisines and dishes together for years but this one has its own story,that too a pretty recent one 🙂
The fact is we have never had this together. The Irony here is that both of us love banoffee pie and have spoken about it a lot many times but never really relished it together. We don’t know ourselves how we missed this one 😦  But nevertheless, when we thought of friendships day , we thought of Banoffee pie as it is quite a regular sweet dish at my home for parties 🙂 most of my family and relatives are in love with it 🙂 When we were discussing the idea of putting it up this week,it struck us that this was one thing we had never shared together. So we thought we will make this no matter what and enjoy each bite of our culinary creation this friendships day 🙂
So foodies now you know what makes this special. The fact that this is the very first time in so many years when both of us relished our very favourite pie while creating together in our kitchen 🙂
Foodies the thought of this friendships day gave us an unforgettable memory with our delicious banoffee pie 🙂 So though you may know your friends for long but small things like this may just add to your list of cherished moments 🙂
Foodies lets hear out your stories too 🙂 we welcome you to share your beautiful experiences with us by writing on our wall  throughout this friendship week 🙂  (facebook.com/missfoodies101)
Self Pic
Foodies sometimes, food falls out of context. And the banoffee pie, a wonderfully over-the-top American-style dessert crowned with layers of whipped cream, which first saw the light of day in east Sussex in the early 70s sets as the perfect example.

Arguably the best dessert in the world! Banoffee pie (also spelled banoffi, or banoffy) is an English dessert pie made from bananas, cream and toffee from boiled condensed milk (or dulce de leche), either on a pastry base or one made from crumbled biscuits and butter. Some versions of the recipe also include chocolate, coffee or both.

It is undoubtedly one of the best and easiest desserts to make. The delicious blend of rich caramel, banana and cream is simply irresistible. Full of all things naughty banoffee pie is irresistible. To save time, use bought dulce de leche instead of making your own caramel.

Banoffee pie also referred to as banoffy and banoffi, is a pastry from England made using bananas as the key ingredient, along with cream and toffee made out of boiled condensed milk. The name of the pie is an amalgamation of the words banana and toffee. Popular variations of this pastry include – Coffee Banoffee Pie, Alcoholic Banoffee Pie, Banoffee and Marshmellow Cake and Banoffee Cupcakes.

Lets brief you quickly about History of Banoffee Pie

Credit for the pie’s invention is claimed by Ian Dowding (chef) and Nigel Mackenzie (owner) at The Hungry Monk restaurant (now closed) in Jevington, East Sussex. They developed the dessert in 1972, having been inspired by an American dish known as “Blum’s Coffee Toffee Pie”, which consisted of smooth toffee topped with coffee-flavoured whipped cream. Dowding adapted the recipe to use instead the type of soft caramel toffee created by boiling a can of condensed milk, and worked with Mackenzie to add a layer of bananas. They called the dish “Banoffi” and Dowding describes the dish as proving so popular with their customers that they “couldn’t take it off” the menu 🙂

Creator Ian Dowding, Within a couple of years  began to see it on a lot of menus of other restaurants … people reported seeing it on menus in Australia and America, and there were even stories of it being served at No 10 and Buckingham Palace. He says ” Though sadly I had not been able to verify such reports .(though I yearn for confirmation that Ted Heath and Richard Nixon buried their faces in its whipped cream topping), if they aren’t true, they ought to be: at a time when British manufacturing was entering its terminal decline, this was a homegrown invention to be proud of.

Banofee Pie Final

Foodies celebrate this friendships day with traditional British dessert, banoffee pie  which has its share of fanatics. Banana slices, sticky toffee, and whipped cream are arranged in layers over a cookie-like crust, resulting in a dense, cool treat. Using crushed digestive biscuits and unsweetened whipped cream keeps it from being too sweet 🙂 This addictive pudding gets you few layers to byte in and enjoy the flavours 🙂


Go for the dreaded biscuit bases, made from crushed digestives welded together with melted butter. We think the biscuit base has become popular for a reason. It’s delicious and, unlike short crust, it doesn’t go soggy at the bottom after a few hours, which is useful if you want that sneaky late-night second helping to be as good as the first 🙂


The next layer of the banoffee pie is the best, as far as we are concerned: toffee. (Well, more accurately, caramel.)  We like traditional recipe, boil a tin of condensed milk until it’s thick and sticky, but these days few food brands have done the hard work for you: instant gratification in a tin, like carnation caramel. I wouldn’t have mind bit more of caramel to our pie as I love it but my super healthy freak sakshi was way to sure where to stop J It was a good decision though as it gave our pie the perfect sweetness for serving elders at home and of course apt sweetness devoid us of being extra guilty of taking two to three servings 🙂


This becomes a separate layer, slicing the yummy bananas thinly, rather than laying them out in halves. It gives a more even distribution.


Whipped cream is de rigueur here, preferably coffee-flavoured. You can add sugar as well for more sweetness. Always remember to beat the cream well until softly whipped peaks stand proud 🙂


You can scatters cream with instant coffee, which might prove unpleasantly bitter. Adding cinnamon sprinkle, is another option but we find it as a distraction from the main attraction. So in our kitchen we stick to chocolate flakes for finish. They end up giving away a nice presentation along with a tinge of sweetness 🙂

So This is our classic recipe using condensed milk to make a golden caramel and a crushed biscuit base 🙂 The end result is a classic creamy pudding of banana and toffee- a drizzle of chocolate takes the decadence up a notch  🙂

Have a look !!!

Ingredients Benofee Pie

Banofee Pie Ingredients

Directions1 Benofee Pie

Banofee Pie Method

Directions2 Benofee Pie

Notes Benofee Pie


With its fantastic combination of banana and toffee, banoffee pie is hard to beat. So this friendships day tempt your friends with a delicious banoffee pie recipe.

Do try this and we are sure you will all like it.

Wish you all a very Happy Friendships Day!!!


Sakshi n Parul

Mango Cheese Cake

Happy Fathers DayMango Cheesecake


We are so excited and thrilled to share this cheesecake recipe on divine taste.

As summer holidays are at its peak I was off to my parents place for a stay for a couple of days. Foodie’s summer holidays are quite much awaited ones since childhood, nothing less than a celebration. But trust me celebrating the same emotion with your parents after getting married has its own beauty 🙂 I had an amazing time 🙂 felt almost like a kid with the shower of endless love and that extra care which was to die for. It could not have been better when after a lovely dinner my mom cooked especially for me, Dad offered me my favourite mangoes with ice cream for sweet dish. I was too full and tried avoiding mangoes. But for how long… 😉 I was about to stand up from the dinner table when my sweet dad offered it again saying “ sweetheart try one and I assure you it would be the sweetest mango of all the mangoes you would have relished this entire season.” He was so right 🙂 sharing that mango with my dad was like….hhmmm…I don’t think I can put that feeling into words 🙂 It was then when I realized that why let this mango season fly away without another experiment with this addictive and delicious fruit 🙂 I guess as Dad said “entire season”, it rang a bell. I shared the same thought with Sakshi and guess what she said “ Yes foodie friend you are the best. I had cheese cake in my mind ever since the mango season began and  before they completely vanished. I don’t know how I dint share this with you. ”  We were sorted 🙂

Honestly friends we were quite hesitant though as it always seemed like a project to make a cheese cake. We have only seen these on the glass displays of popular bakeries. We never in our wildest dreams thought that we would be making the cheesecake at home one day. But Foodies you had to be there to see us in order to fathom how excited we were when we jumped and shouted with glee just as we gently unlocked our spring form pan and this beautiful cheesecake, a cheesecake which had formed was revealed. The cheesecake was a wonderful experiment, though a bit time consuming, the end result was worth it. With the mango season in full flourish, this makes a perfect dessert.

Cheesecakes are of of two types – one is baked and the other is no baking. No bake cheesecakes are more like curd desserts. They are usually made by blending cream cheese with sweetened whipped cream and placed over a crust of digestive biscuits or any crackers of your choice. They’re tasty and sweet, but almost pudding like and gooey.
Baked cheesecakes are also made with cream cheese blended with sweetened whipped cream. Recipes vary from thirty minutes or more for baking a sponge cake which forms the third layer of a Baked Cheesecake unlike No baking one. In no Baking the third layer is a crust formed of digestive or any crackers of your choice as mentioned before. The results are a more cakelike, heavier texture and much more delicate flavor.

We have got you both the forms of Cheesecakes on our menu today. Once you get the idea about this recipe, you will make it very quickly and easily as per your taste and your choice of No Bake Cheesecake or a Baked one.

In No Bake and Bake cheesecake recipes, the common ingredients are mango pulp or puree, double cream, sugar, vegetarian gelatine powder and cream cheese. The ingredients mainly differ in the third layer. Where it is a crust made of Digestive biscuits in case of No Bake Cheesecake, It is a sponge cake in case of Baked Cheesecake.

In the cheese cake, cheese, sugar, double cream and mango puree are mixed together; make sure the cream is whipped well to a thick stage, so that you can have a cream cheese mixture thick, which can set easily. Fresh ripe mangoes are used to make this light and refreshing cheesecake. It makes for an amazing presentation and tastes just as exotic as it looks. The egg-less recipe is delightfully delicious and can be enjoyed by just about everyone. Ripe mangoes steal the show in this easy peasy cheesecake recipe. Make it a day before so that it can chill overnight. Use tinned mango if out of season. Try this recipe for the smoothest, most scrumptious exotic-flavored cheesecake. You’ll find this simple recipe for cheesecake easy, fun to make, and sooo delicious, you’ll impress your Dad 🙂 guests:) and even yourself 🙂 as soon as you take that first lovely bite.

Foodies for us and we are sure for most of you out there no fruit taste better then a fresh Mango. So let’s make a dessert out of it and put it in a cheese cake:)


Mango cheese cake making involves 3 stages:
  • Base – biscuit crumbs
  • Middle – mango cheese mixture
  • Top or third layer- mango glaze
  • Digestive biscuits- 13
  • Butter- 80-100gms
  • Sugar-1 tsp
Cream cheese mixture
  • Whipped cream- 300ml
  • Cream cheese- 250 gms
  • Sugar- 1/3rd cup
  • Mango puree- 3/4th cup
  • Gelatin- 2 tsp
  • Warm water- 4 tbsp
For glaze
  • Mango puree- 3/4th cup
  • Gelatin- 2 tsp
  • Warm water- 4 tbsp
  • Mango slices for garnishing



Biscuit base

  • Crush the biscuits in a mixer and add melted butter and whiz again until the mixture comes together. Once done, spoon it in the cake tin. Press into the spring form pan or use individual glasses. Refrigerate while preparing the rest of the cheesecake.
Cream cheese mixture
  • Add gelatin powder in hot water and stir till it dissolves. Keep it aside.
  • Take a wider and deep bowl, to whisk cream with the hand whisker or electric whisker, whisk until thick or medium thick, add 1 tbsp sugar in the cream and whisk. Remove the whipped cream and keep it in another bowl.
  • Add cream cheese in the same bowl, no need to clean, add 1 tbsp sugar and mix with any whisker till it mixes well, then add the whipped cream, mix well, till it blends well.
  • Mix the warm gelatin in the mango puree and mix it into cream cheese mixture gently until mixed well.
  • Taste and see whether remaining sugar is needed or not.
  • Now pour the cream cheese mixture on the crushed biscuit base and refrigerate for 2 hours or until set in both the cake tin and individual glasses.
Top glaze
  • Dissolve gelatin in warm water and add to the mango puree. Mix well. Pour this mixture as a top layer, which should be a thin layer not like the middle one, on the cream cheese layer, once it is set. Refrigerate overnight, till you serve. Garnish with mango slices.
  • Keep it at room temperature for 15 mins before serving as the base will be very hard.
  • Gelatin should be warm while mixing in the mango puree.
  • Add gelatin as per the instructions.
  • Instead of gelatin you can use agar or china grass, both have to be dissolved in hot water first. Vegetarian gelatin is also available in the market.
  • This is a cheesecake which is just about sweet. If you like your desserts sweeter then increase the sugar by about 2 Tbsp. You might also have to do this if your mangoes are less sweet.






Vanilla sponge cake*


Cream cheese

2 mangoes (peeled and cut into pieces)

4 tbsp thick curd

½ cup whipped cream

¾ th cup castor sugar


1 cup water

1 tbsp sugar




Slice the sponge cake into 2 halves horizontally. Use only one layer of the sponge.

Use the other layer  for variation.


Liquidize the cream cheese, mango pieces, curd and sugar to a smooth puree in a blender.

Whip the cream till soft peaks are formed and mix gently with the mango mixture.


Place one layer of the sponge cake on the bottom of a loose bottomed 150mm diameter tin can.

Sprinkle the soaking syrup over the sponge.

Pour cream cheese mixture over the sponge and refrigerate till set. Unmold from the tin.

Serve chilled garnished with mango slices.




You cake buy the vanilla sponge cake from the market or make at home.

Cream cheese is also available in big departmental stores. If you wish to make it at home then the recipe is as follows:


5 cups full fat milk

2 tbsps lemon juice


Keep 2 tbsp milk aside and curdle the remaining milk using lemon.

Strain the curdled milk with the help of a muslin cloth or a sieve and squeeze out all the excess water.

Combine the prepared cheese with 2 tbsp of milk and blend in a mixer to a smooth paste.

Strain the prepared mixture with the help of a sieve.



1 ¼ cup plain flour

1 ½ tsp baking powder

½ tsp soda bi carb

¾ cup condensed milk

4 tbsp melted butter

1 tsp vanilla essence


Method :

Sieve the flour, baking powder and soda bi carb together.

Combine the condensed milk, melted butter, vanilla essence and 5 tbsp water in a deep bowl and beat well using a whisk.

Add the sieved flour mixture and mix gently with the help of spatula. The batter should be dropping consistency.

Pour the batter into a greased and dusted 175 mm diameter cake tin.

Bake in a pre heated over at 180 degrees for 20-25 mins.

Are we glad that we made this? You bet! This is going to be a constant fixture during every mango season in our kitchen, a part of every celebration and maybe next year we are going to welcome the mango season with this cheesecake just as we are bidding adieu to this season with this incredibly wonderful vegetarian dessert.

Happy Fathers Day!!!


Parul n Sakshi